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In true reflection of her rights authorized in Islam, the Iraqi woman has been a valuable partner of her male counterparts.

She has always been famed for her beauty and brains.

She was proficient in the Sharee’ah, history, philosophy, astronomy, literature and a range of components of Arabic grammar.

The educational advancement of women in Iraq plummeted during the centuries of stagnation in learning and research in the Muslim world.

Iraq’s woman played significant roles in shaping the social structure and raised her voice against British imperialism over Iraq.

In post-independence years, the Iraqi woman had the freedom of movement and conscience, and the right to education, employment, marriage, and divorce.

She had access to maternity care and child support in order to facilitate her dual duty to her home and to the society.

Contemporary Iraq’s women are physicians, engineers, scientists, journalists, educators, and dedicated mothers.

Since the illegal invasion of Iraq, the status of women has diminished, all credit to the liberation efforts of the United States of America and Britain.

The practice of the United States to detain the mother, wives and sisters of anti-occupation forces is sufficient violation of a woman’s freedoms.

Add to that sexual violations and torture of the women, and one comprehends the so-called liberators have no respect for the dignity of women.

In the larger society, incidents of violence against women have multiplied as have rape cases and dishonour murders.

The Iraqi woman, despite the presence of so-called liberators, lived in fear of sexual violation; leaving her home in company of male relatives has become a security requirement.

She has, since the illegal invasion, lost her employment and worse, her relevance to her society.

Although female political representation is promoted by the west as a sign of respect for the rights of women, the penetration of women into political offices is not indicative of progress of women’s rights; the life of the woman on the ground is.

With well over a million Iraqis murdered since 2003, Iraq’s women are grieving mothers, wives and sisters.

In a survey, 58% of Iraq’s women have lost at least one member of their nuclear family to the conflict.

A small but significant number of women in Iraq have more than three family members murdered.

A good number of women are among the estimated 880,000 missing Iraqis.

The Iraqi woman bears psychological marks of the conflict – depression and post-traumatic stress disorder ~PTSD.

Despite egregious levels of violence against women and fear for her safety, the Iraqi woman is firmly protective of her daughters, even to the cost of her own life.

In commemoration of the individual – August 13 The Day Of The Individual.


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