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LIBYA: Never Again Open That Door!

Libyans, in retrospect was all the western-backed brutality three years ago worth it?

Your nation is in turmoil.

You murdered the Ghadafi family. Are your family safe in the current conflict?

Are your family targeted with the same ferocity you meted to Ghadafi’s family?

Was it worth it?

Interestingly, your allies in France, Britain and the United States are conspicuously reticent.

You invited them to create mayhem in your nation in the delusion you have a common enemy.

That common enemy, you mercilessly butchered and dragged his body on the streets.

Your allies of convenience with whom you celebrated the murder of Ma’amar Ghadafi have tiptoed to the tranquillity of their respective nations.

Where is the serenity of your nation?

Unknown to you your allies set the foundation for instability in Libya.

Can you honestly state you did not expect that?

I watched in horror as the civil war escalated in 2011 and wished the whole event to end.

The cessation of the fighting was the climax of jubilation to you. I had no reason to smile let alone rejoice.

You had found your freedom in gruesome murder.

You still revel in murder, do you not?

May Allah have mercy on humanity and protect humanity from the disasters created by fools. Aameen.

You rebelled against socialist Ma’amar Ghadafi and demonstrated against Islam.

What precisely do you wish for your nation – secularism, democrazy?

Did you not have secularism while socialism was your form of government? Yet you murdered Ma’amar.

Do you aspire towards electing your leaders and at what price?

Are your representatives during Libya’s civil war no longer your representatives in the current civil war?

Certain mistakes tend to stick.

One can not choose representatives on one occasion and conveniently dispense with them at will.

When in 2011, you chose them as your advocates against Ma’amar, did you – want to – know anything about them?

All you wanted was anyone but Ghadafi.

Now, you have your wish. There is no second option. That is democrazy for you.

You are stuck with that representation in conflict until stability returns to Libya.

Here is a puzzle: How will Libya regain that enviable stability?

Your fellow devils in a treaty, Americans, the British and French have lost interest in Libya.

They have absolutely nothing to gain in a change in the status quo. The conflict continues.

They have, of course, evacuated their citizens out of crisis points in Libya. Their precious nationals should not be collateral.

In the meantime, you Libyans have become refugees in your own nation.

Sometimes, one dislikes something though that thing is good for one. Sometimes, one likes a thing which is bad for one. ~ Allah Himself.

In commemoration of the individual – August 13 The Day Of The Individual.

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