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NIGERIA: My Commitment

I am PROUDLY NIGERIAN. I love this nation.

If only we respect self we will be loyal to Nigeria even if others discriminate against us.

It is because one readily reduces self to a second-class citizen to gain a job, education, or just to walk down the street without being harassed over some sewage called culture that some persons insist on splitting the nation.

I have not earned an income in 14 years. AlHamduliLlah for good Nigerians, the Yoruba, Nupe, Gwari, Jaba, Esan who are welcoming and humane beyond the bounds of ethnicity and sexual gratification.

There is much love and care to be shared if one insists on interacting with only persons who possess compassion as a value.

I love this great nation Nigeria. I love good-natured Nigerians.

There are so many unpatriotic tribalists whose sole dissatisfaction with Nigeria is they live with other ethnicities.

Yes, the voiced discontent is corruption and the slow pace of development. Are cheats, liars, hypocrites and embezzlers not found in all ethnicities?

Nigeria does not prevent me from being who I am and want to be merely because of the presence of other ethnicities.

Most scathing remarks against the Nigeria Nation is from Southerners.

It is an indication of the double standards of their leaders, many of whom occupy powerful positions in government and civil service and yet owe no loyalty to the nation they claim to serve.

Regional leaders have refused to see the real problems and solutions to development.

Incidentally, tribalists do not perceive own leaders as a problem. The problem is the shared environment with other ethnicities.

Tribalists want to control own resources.

Tell me: Is it not the same self-centred regional leaders who will mismanage the resources in the new nation?

Will the resident or citizen on the street have a say in how those resources are spent?

In terms of the freedom of identity and the freedom to be different, I want Nigeria the way it is.

If anyone insists on splitting the nation, then I want my nation with my home as the state.

Who says I have anything in common with any of the regions?

Unpatriotic creatures refuse to see beyond their nose. How will they not insult Nigeria and patriotic Nigerians?

If they do not want harmony, they will never have it even in their home, unless of course those calling for a division will only marry from own village, interact with only own ethnicity and so on.

And if a member of their household wishes to be different, they disown the person or remove the person from inheritance.

It is true we were not Nigeria before amalgamation.

Before amalgamation we lived as independent hamlets in Igbo land and as empires in the North and South-West.

Does that mean my village in the South-East can be independent?

That is the point. People who lived their lives independently of other villages or empires will still have to come together in whatever new nations that are formed.

I concur with the general position that Nigerians do not see themselves as change.

The common position is that change lies in being with only own ethnicity. Where is the change in that?

In commemoration of the individual – August 13 The Day Of The Individual.


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