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EBOLA: Infection We Wish Away!

Nigeria still contend with meningitis and polio, both of which are largely preventable via immunizations.

Comes Ebola infection that has neither vaccine nor effective treatment.

The death toll from meningitis is dismissed by some natives of endemic regions as a fact of life we have to accommodate.

With ebola, only Allah knows how terrible the situation will get before it is brought under control.

Let us pray Ebola does not reach the North or we are all in trouble!

Let us work towards keeping Ebola out of Nigeria and especially Northern Nigeria.

While Nigerians who are health conscious can be encouraged to be on alert, what does one do with those who have no regard for their health not to mention that of others?

The two groups do not live in isolation from the other and with no vaccine, one is fully exposed to the infection.

Let us be extra vigilant.

Of course, every patriot will bear the embarrassment of an Ebola crisis label on the nation.

Please consider adopting my health awareness program:

1. No handshakes or at least limit to persons who are worth the handshake.

2. Avoid touching public surfaces, walls, doors, door handles with the bare hand.

3. If eating out, choose places where operators are willing to learn be hygienic.

4. Wash hands before touching edible substances.

5. Wipe food packages after purchase and prior to storage.

6. Wash hands before dipping into food.

Other health tips:

7. If bush meat is one’s interest educate the cook on the need for healthy sources of meat.

8. Never touch dead animals, not to talk of dissect them.

9. Avoid contact with bodily fluids of others. That means avoid sweat, saliva, phlegm, blood, semen.

10. Yes, it is sexually transmitted as well. Be faithful.

Check into a federal hospital should one develop any combination of:

fever, sore throat, severe weakness, muscle pain, headache and later vomiting, diarrhoea, rash

For the South, set traps to kill fruit bats, that are the natural reservoir for the Ebola virus.

I recall they often feed on pawpaw, often infecting and destroying the tree.

Allah save Nigeria and West Africa. Aameen.

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