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Creatures who applaud Israeli Jews but denounce Russia remind me of two historic events in 1998 in Nigeria.

The Head of State, General Sani Abacha passed suddenly.

Many of his detractors rejoiced. One was known to me.

I reminded him of his so-called faith and practice of praying for enemies to repent.

As Abacha did not want to repent he should rot in hell, was the reply.

Imagine that! -So much hypocrisy and self-delusion!

Pray for one’s enemies to repent. Rejoice if they die in sin.

Shortly after, the presidential candidate believed to have won the annulled elections of June 12, 1993, Moshood Abiola, popularly known as MKO, died in detention.

My acquaintance was mournful.

Is it not the same death that killed Abacha that took Abiola? I enquired of him.

Is it not the same lips with which you expressed joy over the demise of one that you now use to grieve over another?

He was stunned.

Later, he remarked that the two men were “dem dem” [them them], meaning that as both men were Muslims, their deaths were none of his business.

I do look forward to hearing that the majority of passengers on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 were “dem dem”.

~ Post-Publication Addendum ~
Further thoughts on Malaysia Flight MH17


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