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TALIBAN: Syria And Iraq -Muslims Are One

In a message titled: The Secret Of Muslims’ Glory Lies In Their Unity, the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan ~Taliban advise Muslims and advocate for a resolve of present contention among various groups who have subscribed to Jihad.

Although not explicitly stated the remarks were addressed to circumstances in Syria and Iraq where in-fighting between Muslims have raged for months.

To avert a deterioration, the Taliban cautioned against the habits of many Muslims to declare other Muslims including Muslim leaders apostates.

The communication sought to restrain Muslims against the threat of further instability and shedding of Muslim blood in the Middle East in the light of planned spread of anarchy into Saudi Arabia and neighbouring nations.

Points From The Remarks:

1. All Muslims are brothers.

Hence, Muslims

2. Love one another for the sake of Allah.

3. Refer our differences and disputes to Scholars.

4. Obey the verdicts of Scholars with sincerity.

5. Help one another and share their joys and sorrows.

6. Work for unification of Muslims.

7. Prefer the interests of Muslim Ummah to our personal interests.

The Taliban call on belligerent formations, their supporters and persons of similar disposition to

8. Bury the hatchet and disgust.

9. Not consider one’s opinion superior to another.


10. Humility and love should be shown to one another.

That is Sunnah for

11. The Prophet and his Companions used to be kind to each other and stern against their enemies.

Instead of seeking the solution to problems in far-fetched concepts, the Islamic Emirate remind that

12. Love, kindness, brotherhood and care for one another bestow the Help of Allah upon us.

Specifically, to end the escalating antagonism between warring ranks, the Taliban recommend

13. A Muslim must submit self completely to the Commands of Islamic Sharee’ah.

14. A Shura must be convened by all the leaders of the various Jihadi groups, intellectuals and esteemed Scholars.

15. Stay away from ghulu ~extremism.

16. Desist from ruling on others.

17. Do not have bad assumptions about one’s brothers.

18. Do not believe baseless accusations and propaganda.

19. Difference of opinion about various issues is quite natural.

20. Duty of elders and sagacious people to find out solutions to those differences which otherwise can result in armed conflict.

To conclude, for graciously responding to my appeal for intervention, I extend profound appreciation to the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan – Mulla Umar and the leadership, the Mujahideen and all administrative arms of the Emirate, and the representatives and media body through which are facilitated my knowledge of and interaction with the Emirate.

JazakumuLlah khayra.


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