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RAMADHAN 1435: Welcome Home

This the 1435th year After Hijrah of the Messenger of Allah and His Companions from Makkah to Medina, I welcome Ramadhan to my home country Nigeria and to our world.

I welcome everyone who shares being human as a core value to Ramadhan.

Some of my human fellows will experience this month tomorrow Sunday 29th of June.

Nevertheless, Ramadhan began her sojourn on earth today Saturday June 28, 2014 and in her majesty will traverse our universe, so that everyone alive will have the opportunity to admire her and give Praises to her Lord and Cherisher, Allah the Creator of the universe.

In my thoughts are my human fellows in war-torn nations from Congo to Colombia.

To all who believe in Allah and His Messenger Muhammad, let us embrace Ramadhan as a moment of sincerity to self and treat members of our Ummah with the same dignity we expect from them.

My brothers and sisters incarcerated across the world for having a conscience or for being the brother-in-law of Usamah bin Laden, never mind.

The battle is not over. If justice is an offence, your captors have many years ahead of insomnia.

To the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan, a centre of Muslims I have observed with enthusiasm since my mid-teen years, my fist is in the air in solidarity.

To Boko Haram, I am certain you can find productive means of guiding your people to Islam.

To Al-Qaedah and all of its affiliates and factions, Ash-Shabaab, the Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria ~ ISIS: placing a piece of pie on the lips of your brother or sister is more beneficial to the Ummah than current happenings in Syria and Iraq.

Very often, one makes enemies not because of validity for enmity but from misunderstanding.

Another advice is that no one laughs over events in Iraq and Syria except persons who laugh at Muslims.

Bear in mind, it is much better to avoid exercising a hadd (punishment) for avoidance of doubt than to implement a hadd and be proved oppressive in Allah’s Court.

To civilians – men, women and children – in conflict zones, hold on to Allah.

All else might fail; Allah Who lives and never dies will remain with you.

I am not happy this Ramadhan.

Welcome all the same.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim


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