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In nations and communities where a woman’s right to choose her husband is trampled, condemnations on the Internet will not alter the reality on the ground, unless proponents of antiwomen practices read the words of their neighbours online.

Unless one’s remarks online are read and discussed by persons in the reallife community, such online rebukes have no effect.

Perpetrators need to perceive that opposition to their misogyny is real, indisputable and near.

Persons who are accustomed to planning violence against women must be shown that someone whom they know despises the way they treat women.

Rightthinking persons in the society, neighbourhood, and home have the duty to pioneer social justice, raise the voice, and stand against misogynistic cultures.

Advocacy for women’s freedoms should not wait for group action.

One can demonstrate that an individual can create positive social trends by living on the principle of social justice for women – friends and foes.

A false flag in addition to online condemnations is to disguise misogyny with a presentation of achievements of women in the community.

If a woman has been the president or prime minister, of what significance is that if a woman is not safe in front of court, considering the judiciary is an arm of government?

If a woman can be a pilot of an airplane, that matters not, if another woman is denied the right to pilot her affairs.

If a woman is a professor in a university, what academic accolade is available to the woman down the street if the society frown at education of women?

If a woman is a medical doctor, of what use is that to the woman denied healthcare by her husband?

If a woman attains the position of director of a multinational corporation, of what relevance is that if male members of her family direct her life?

The advancement of a woman is a source of glory for that individual woman and all women in general only when she reserves the right to:

a) Think without concerns over offending men.

b) Speak without uttering the words penned by men.

c) Walk without a male bodyguard.

d) Dine without waiting on a man to complete his meals.

e) Choose without consulting men.

f) Decline without being disowned by male family members.

g) Smile without being slandered.

h) Learn without considerations of family tradition of prestige.

i) Socialise without obtaining male approval.

j) Abide by the very same social rules as a man.

We all have a responsibility to effective changes beginning with self.

A third camouflage is to attribute repression of women to illiteracy.

Several high-profile murders of women by their husband or family members have been perpetrated against women from wealthy and educated family.

Such murders are not restricted to villages as demonstrated by the case of Farzana and of the women murdered in the United States Of America, Canada, United Kingdom and other nations of Europe.

Several persons who hold antiwomen views are educated to the tertiary level.

Many come from affluent households.

It is worth noting that this publication in no way dismisses behindthescene roles of women in social injustices against other women.


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