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I am a Nigerian patriot and nationalist.

I belong to Nigeria.

If Nigeria were to be split, I will join neither the North, the Middle belt, the South-West, South-South nor the South-East.

I do not belong to the South-East, though I am of Ndi Igbo by birth and upbringing.

I have no inclination to reside in an independent South-South country, yet I am of the Itsekiri, Urhobo, Ijaw and Ikwerre in my childhood travels.

Should I adopt citizenship of the South-West, of the Yoruba an admirable people?

Rather I belong to Nigeria.

I retain my identity as a Nigerian.

I would not consider a nationality among the Middle belt, of whom the Nupe, the Ebira and the Gwari, are forever laced in my spirituality.

And the North, of the Hausa-Fulani in my sojourn of discovery?

Of course not. I will not be a citizen of their country.

I already have citizenship – NIGERIA.

I am not stateless so long as Nigeria lasts. May Nigeria last.

I am NIGERIA in orientation.

I am in love with Nigeria.


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