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Nigeria -Chibok Protest: ATTACK ON WOMEN

Wednesday 28th day of May, 2014 witnessed in Abuja an escalation of violence to the extreme that women holding peaceful protests were physically attacked by hoodlums at Unity Fountain Park in the Federal Capital Territory ~ FCT.

Assaults against women anywhere in my nation Nigeria is terrorism and must be handled with the same urgency, clearness and sensitivity to restore the safety and dignity of women.

My fellow women, we have reached the stage in our nation when we should no longer be victims of violence against women.

Embarking on peaceful sit-outs should not signal willingness to bear assault or any form of terrorism.


No one has that right, not in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Section 33; subsection 2a, of the 1999 Constitution empowers a citizen to kill to protect self, other persons and property from harm.

My dears, the Constitution is not to decorate our walls but to guide our life.

Be prepared to use deadly force against any thug.


Guns, knives and the like are not to be found on an individual in public places.


In an emergency, anything becomes a weapon.

When applied with appropriate level of force to soft spots such as the eyes or even the throat, a pencil or pen point, sharp end of a styling comb or even a door key does a substantial degree of damage to tissues.

Do NOT be intimidated.


No matter the urge to deal with anyone, do not initiate the confrontation.

Let bullies in whatever shape come to you. Do not go to them.

One of my principles:

No matter how much I disdain a people and wish to teach them a lesson, I never go looking for them, for the simple fact they are such a nuisance they will come looking for me.

It never fails.

They will do their calculations, arrive at the wrong answer, incite each other their formula is perfect and infallible and make their move based on the wrong answer.

I merely sit back and wait.


Never restrict self from certain spots or areas where you used to attend to your needs.

Limiting of one’s movement in the face of threats of terrorism sends the message: I AM AFRAID; the very last message one wants a terrorist to have.

Every inch of Nigeria is accessible to women – streets, roads, parks, etc – except where a specific legal provision makes such public locations inaccessible for real reasons.

One can walk right passed bullies should one wish. My dears, I am well known for doing that in Sokoto.


Avoid all conversations with an attacker.

Do not engage in a discussion with a hoodlum. Interactions will only embolden the creature.


Bullies operate through fear and intimidation.

Do NOT allow concerns for one’s safety send the impression one is an easy prey.


Be prepared to be attacked unawares.

Yes, one will very likely not receive forewarning of an assault.

One will have to prepare one’s psychology to be:

a) Calm even in a state of fear, without which one will commit errors and render one’s defence futile.

b) Strike without providing a hint of the target, for the attacker will deflect or dodge one’s strategy when he detects how one intends to defend self.

c) Change position or posture to evade being hit. The less blows one receives the better.

For Allah’s Sake, dislodge the “You must kill me today!” notion common among women.


Nigeria is for all of us.

Proudly woman.
Proudly Nigerian.

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