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You have made your move to militarily intervene in the affairs of my nation Nigeria.


As I made clear in my tweets to John Kerry, the ambiguity demonstrated in the letter you sent to the United States Congress in no way presents your actions as genuine.

In deploying eighty of your marines to the region and close to Nigeria’s borders, you exceed your limits.

My love for Nigeria is an inspiration to render my services against any form of threat.

I do not in Sokoto contend against the threat mentality of the sewage of a culture to uphold my rights as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria only to have foreigners jeopardize the sovereignty of my beloved nation and sanctity of Nigerians.

The United States government and armed forces are much more criminal than any threat we face as citizens of Nigeria.

Whatever human rights abuses Boko Haram have committed can never match the atrocities of your marines.

No intelligent person resolves a problem with the services of criminals.

No one with sound acuity employs destructive forces as tools to achieve national security, for the security attained will be ephemeral and illusional.

Do you really imagine I or any patriotic Nigerian will want the intervention of the United States or any foreign forces when the long-term consequence is destabilization of our nation and region to an unprecedented scale.

Yes, my abducted girls will be found and rescued, for which the United States government will take credit.

You know as well as I do the process of America’s benevolence involves sowing the seeds of dissent among Nigerians.

Your administration will not disintegrate my nation – not while I am alive.

When I am dead, you can do whatever you wish if Nigerians fall for it.

In your letter to US Congress you claimed your decision was to protect America’s national security.

Wrecking other people’s nation under the guise of humanitarian gestures must be the national security interest the United States have perfected.

The national security interest of the United States is served within the borders of your country.

It is highly conceited to be the aggressor while claiming national security.

Boko Haram are not in your territory. The reality is the other way round.

You have come to Boko Haram. Any repercussions of your excesses on America and its citizens are duely deserved.

For every Muslim, Nigerian and African – civilian or combatant – your troops oppress, the United States of America deserve retaliation.

I reiterate my words:

If it is acceptable for any nation to invade – or in this case operate in – another nation, the reverse is equally acceptable.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim


One comment on “LETTER TO BARACK OBAMA: Marines In Chad

  1. Umm Sulaim
    May 22, 2014

    Letter To Barack Obama | US Military In Chad:

    Americans are not my enemy neither are Barack Obama’s administration and US forces.

    However, if I or any Nigerian have to defend our nation through combat, of course, we will not attack the shoes and toothbrushes of Americans, but Americans themselves.

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