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There are reports the leader of Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau – yes he is supposed to be dead – has taken responsibility for the bombing that occurred in the early hours of Monday 14 April, 2014.

Abubakar attributed the attack that killed at least 71 Nigerians and injured 165 persons, all civilians, as a retaliation for the killings of Muslims in the country and elsewhere.

First, how does the murder and maiming of Muslims in Monday’s heinous car bomb act as a revenge?

If the murder of Muslims by Muslims in retaliation to the murder of Muslims by non-Muslims is logical, Abubakar Shekau has identified self and organisation as a bane to the safety and security of Muslims.

The precise figures of Muslim casualties are uncertain. However, they were Muslims of various ethnicities and backgrounds, Muslims whose life is inviolable.

By sending his operatives to murder innocent Muslims, Abubakar Shekau broke the code of inviolability of the life of a Muslim.

In addition to Muslims, casualties of Boko Haram’s audacity that Monday morning were non-Muslims.

Even if for the sake of clarity all the recipients were non-Muslims – and there were no Muslim casualty – what purpose do such deaths serve, since the murdered have no relation or influence over the perpetrators of any real or imaginary injustices against Muslims?

On no instance did the Messenger of Allah harm or order the murder of anyone unconnected to real injustice against Muslim.

Moreover, for Jihad, Muslims are cautioned against and prohibited from harming everyone who is not a combatant, spy or collaborator with the enemy.

In other words, ordinary citizens are protected against harm during Jihad.

There is also a ban on adopting the attributes of non-Muslims in derogation of the Sharee’ah.

Indiscriminate bombing of civilians are among the war policies of non-Muslims.

Finally, it must be noted that Boko Haram are not alone in the perception that Muslims in Nigeria are deliberately persecuted by law enforcement officials.

Many Muslims and Christians, especially of the North, share that erroneous belief.

Worse is that many promote that misconception and therefore feed unfounded grievances to persons who are already inured against other ethnicities.

All Nigerians irrespective of political leanings must cease the propagation of fabrications, for though such may serve the immediate objective of discrediting the federal government, there is the long-term consequence of justifying the anti-Nigeria and anti-federal government sentiments of persons whose vision for Nigeria is to serve own ethnicity and culture.


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