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NYANYA EXPLOSION: Misdirected Grievances

The bomb blast early Monday morning April 14, 2014 around 06:47 hours, at Nyanya bus terminal, Abuja was a deliberate scheme to inflict the maximum possible casualties on Nigerian civilians.

What purpose do the deaths of at least 72 civilians and maiming of 156 Nigerians serve?

Whatever valid or meaningless grievances any persons harbour against the federal government, how does the killings of Nigerians on their way to work resolve the grievances?

Should the grievance border economic disadvantage, did the deceased play any role in enacting and sustaining a culture that thrives on the economics of street begging?

Should resource control be at the core of the grievance, are ordinary Nigerian citizens responsible for the mismanagement of resources by state and regional governments?

Is resource control exhibited through the lavishing of 60 million naira at the wedding of the political class while the vast majority of indigenes of the state reside in straw houses constructed on polluted creeks?

Do citizens have any voice in wanton extravagance of allocated resources?

If educational backwardness is on the list of grievances, again who is accountable for that?

– Persons who condemn thoughtful learning and deceive own ethnicity regarding the benefits of education?

– Persons who have nothing to do with the continued misconception of education by that ethnicity?

Bear in mind that:

1) The leaders of that ethnicity benefit from the ignorance and thoughtlessness of the people.

2) The masses have a choice to be misled or to stop listening to deception.

3) The leaders themselves are frequently well educated.

Is any of race, religion, or ethnicity a cause of conflict?

If so, how is it that persons of other beliefs are treated with decorum, provided they fulfil certain functions to serve a particular ethnicity?

Is it that the federal government is headed by a particular ethnicity or religion?

If the president were to have a secret agreement with persons of a particular ethnicity and Religion to promote that ethnicity across the nation at the expense of the Religion, would that ethnicity not immediately hail the president?

To those who present Religion as a basis for murder, ask self how many times one has employed the services of the detested religion to trample on fellow believers.

Ask self the level of one’s encouragement of pretence in others.

How many times has one invited others to change their name, lingua franca, and mode of dress to appear as if they belong to one’s Religion?

Does the Religion of Truth have any room for pretence?

Is there really an incontestable grievance?

Finally, should fear be on the list of objectives, that point failed for Nigerians, resilient in our make, thronged the scene of the bomb blast as soon as the blast occurred.

An indomitable spirit is a necessity to retain function and keep moving forward.

Nigerians must realise the need to avoid crowds in the aftermath of an explosion to reduce exposure to any subsequent blasts.

May Allah heal and strengthen the living, pardon and admit the dead into His Jannah, and stabilise our nation Nigeria. Aameen.

Allah bless Nigeria.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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