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Thoughtful Investigation:

Why are casualty figures from Taliban attacks a small fraction of the numbers of dead and wounded in attacks carried out in Iraq?

What is the major consideration in the trivial level of negative people effect of the tactics of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan?

Possible Answers:

1) Military forces of the United States of America and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) are highly effective in detecting, containing and eliminating the Mujahideen.

2) The Afghan National Army and police are focussed on the job.

3) The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), popularly referred to as the Taliban, expend extra efforts to avoid civilian casualties.

Hint: Has the Taliban conducted operations in a market?

If civilian casualty level is directly proportional to and a determining factor in success of Jihad, one needs to critically review own discernment of combat in Islam.

A Second Coherent Question:

Is the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan the only armed group operating in Afghanistan?

Are the Taliban in control of every armed organisation?

Is every attack against civilians attributable to the Taliban?

Does every person with an AK-47 espouse the belief system of the Taliban?

Note: This publication is not intended to explain the obvious, but to demand that individuals be accountable to self for own beliefs.

One’s belief in the justice of Islam should be apt to facilitate the elimination or at least a reduction in civilians caught in any conflict, in this case in Afghanistan.

A note to Afghans: Prior to exclamations to the effect that the Taliban are your enemies, understand the import of your utterances, unless of course, the Taliban are kuffar for their rejection of cheap propaganda.

The act of attributing every act of violence in Afghanistan to the Taliban exposes the escapist mentality of the people involved.

Whatever one’s position concerning events in Afghanistan, honesty, if present, keeps one in search of the truth.

Only when empowered with the truth can one make tough choices and reflections on the impact of conflict on the nation.

The most vivid event that drags civilians into the conflict is the approaching election.

Provided the election system was imposed by foreign occupation forces, dismantling the election process forms a part of opposition to the foreign masters of the Afghan government.

There are a wide array of justifications for the participation of citizens in the elections.

In as much as there are – or might be – certain citizens whose desire to vote in elections is pure, targeting of civilian voters are best avoided.

My concern, which should be shared by everyone with a genuine interest in the resolution of peace and progress of Afghanistan, is the protection of civilians.

Foremost in my thoughts are children, for regardless of the argument advanced towards or against the legality of targeting adults, children must be protected from the conflicts of adults.


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