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STIGMA: What Is It?

Could the direction of stigma towards an individual be the presence of any or all of the following:

– Gossip?
– Avoidance?
– Discrimination?
– Aggression?
– Taboo?

As for gossip, some persons will kill one with gossip for any event in one’s life.

Tuberculosis is nothing but yet another of such events in one’s life.

Do persons generally not shun others who bear no resemblance to own religion, race and perceptional retardation?

Is vesico-vaginal fistula (VVF) but another excuse to shun another person?

Discrimination is a favourite pastime of the sexist, elitist, classist, racist, tribalist, nationalists and many other ists.

Why not let them add disabilit-ist to their bulging curriculum vitae of discriminatory conduct?

Who on our planet has not been a recipient of some form of aggression?

There is an inexhaustible list of irrationality to justify violence to others:

a) I felt like doing it;
b) I am the stronger;
c) I am the law;
d) I can always plead ignorance;
e) I am standing my ground;
f) I know the other individual is wrong;
g) I just hate that other person.

If because of one’s leprosy status someone is intimidating, one should keep the mind strong.

Is reality not a taboo? The implication of the acknowledgement of AIDS is the accompanying need for a solution.

However, the rule of the ignorant has been that remedies are demanded by the faithless who lack love for Allah.

The faithful whom Allah loves are not to discuss own depression with the intention of attaining rectification, but should indulge in gossip, avoidance, discrimination, aggression and silencing of others.

Stigma is drastically reduced when one takes charge of own interactions.

Form and end interactions in tandem with own principles regardless of the reaction of the environment.

Most significant is to maintain the entire course of treatment and/ or protect others from infection.


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