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I was surprised to learn the possession of firearms is legal in South Africa.

It is a relief the Nigeria Police have revoked all gun licences.

No one, except certain law enforcement officials, should be found with a firearm, let alone have the effrontery to endanger and take the life of the very woman with whom he shares his bed.

Yes, criminals – behavioural and cultural – have access to firearms.

The police need – if they have not already done so – to extend surveillance to blacksmiths who might fashion weapons for behavioural criminals.

To curb the proliferation of firearms and obstruct the operational ability of cultural criminals, the police need to interrogate law enforcement officials residing in the vicinity of and of the ethnicity involved in tribal crimes.

Personally, I sleep easy with the knowledge that persons generally do not bear firearms.

Imagine the potential menace of gun violence to one resident in a neighbourhood of persons who are already audacious to openly issue death threats on the guarantee of the sewage of a culture of theirs.

Although many Nigerians who have never or infrequently been to Lagos are petrified of the city-state because of gory stories of violence, I love Lagos.

In the context of the culture of violence, once was I threatened with death during the 11 years of my sojourn in Lagos.

That occurred in 1999 in an examination hall while I took the Senior School Leaving Certificate of Examinations administered by the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

The irritation was my refusal to correspond test question answers to anyone and my shielding of my work from view.

After several days of recurrent failed attempts at eliciting my cooperation, the young man in the seat in front of mine turned and murmured:

If I had a gun, I will shoot you.

My relief was that he and other candidates did not have a gun.

In Sokoto, if I was rewarded each time I was threatened with death, I would be a very rich woman.

Imagine the likelihood of my assassination if persons here, both natives and their collaborators, had easy access to legal weapons.

Better still, imagine their defence afterwards should the case get to court:

Because her face is covered, I shot her as she could be an armed robber – or Boko Haram.

Of course, the judge will have the challenge to unravel the truth concerning what one did not witness.

Just imagine living with a creature who legally owns a gun.

His arrogated right of abuse escalates and being the only surviving witness, he has the room to assert half-truths and fabrications.

He presents events as he deems, to serve his impunity: I thought she was an intruder.

A particular and relevant experience – my former husband punched me in the nose.

As I held the back of my head in pain for my head hurt, he was adamant he did not hit me in the head.

I hit your nose not your head, the creature repeated, in a bid to convince himself my brain had no reason to hurt.

If the creature could say that to my face just seconds after his abusive behaviour, one can only imagine his defence if I had suffered brain damage.

Corresponding to that is the defence of someone who claims he shot an intruder – and not a woman [his girlfriend] – through a shut door.

In other words, she had no business being dead nor making use of the bathroom without his expressed consent.

~ Post Publication Addendum ~

Oscar Pistorius was today found guilty of the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in South Africa.

After a legal dance, the Court Of Appeal have restored justice.


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