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Vladimir Putin, how is Viktor Yanukovich still the President of Ukraine when your office supports the presidency of the coup plotter Sisi of Egypt?

If your assertions at the press conference are accurate and complete, you still lack basis to send troops into Eastern Ukraine.

Evacuate your people if you must.

The insistence of you and Russian speakers in Ukraine and elsewhere on your assumed right to defend the interest of Russians in Ukraine sufficiently educates the world that Russians in Ukraine and possibly in other former nations of the Soviet Union are not patriotic to their country of residence, whose passports I expect they bear.

Nations in the region are wise to note current events in Ukraine.

In the case of Ukraine, what is the nationality of Russian speakers – Ukrainian or Russian?

It is obvious the only sustainable option is removal of your people.

Plus the crisis in Ukraine escalated primarily because of threats from you of interference.

Had you done what a rational person should do, I personally would have condemned any breach of peace by pro-western persons or group.

The focus is on you, as you are an external, intimidating, destabilizing and ethnocentric force.

Should you retaliate to sanctions by withholding loan repayment to banks in the United States you succeed in crippling your great-grandchildren.

The one and only,

Umm Sulaim


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