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This publication is a rebuttal of allegations concerning the state of persons affected by insurgency broadcast on PBS News Hour on February 25, 2014 in a Judy Woodruff interview of J Peter Pham.

Note that this is not an on-point refutation of the assertions of both the interviewer and interviewee.

Peter Pham alleged the people in the affected region are caught in the conflict between the government and insurgents.

The Nigerian government have been proactive from the outset to identify, track and apprehend insurgents.

Several Boko Haram operatives have been arrested in locations as far as Lagos in the South-West of Nigeria. Court cases are in progress.

The federal government have engaged in discussions with the leadership of Boko Haram. Although much improvement is urgently needed, the willingness of the sovereign and elected government of the Federal Republic to negotiate with a group of insurgents is remarkable.

Militarily, the three states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa are in a state of emergency to curb the activities of insurgents. The military Joint Task Force (JTF) have made advancements in dislodging insurgents who at one point hoisted an extraneous flag in some parts of Borno.

That singular act of loyalty to a flag other than that of the green-white-green of the Federal Republic of Nigeria led to the state of emergency and the deployment of additional military officials and hardware to the region.

Peter Pham’s reiterated position of the focus on military strategies by the government is erroneous at best.

To appreciate the holistic approach in this regard, read this article: Analysis: AFRICAN APPROACH TO CURB INSURGENCIES – The Case Of Nigeria.

The federal government have expended much finances in an attempt to deter future violent inclinations in the population.

The people of the region and their politicians insist on more handouts as compensation. They do not mince words in their demands for more billions of naira.

Nothing interests them other than a comparison to resources the federal government spend in the Niger-Delta of the South-South to curb anti-government violence there.

Those are the very citizens misled by their respective state government to agitate for an end to the state of emergency and who opposed its renewal. The lull in attacks in Adamawa and most of Yobe was, as far as they were concerned, enough grounds of the end of insurgency in the state.

Rather, that was the success of the military operations of the men and women of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

At the weekend, deadly attacks occurred in some villages in Adamawa. Villages were razed, scores of inhabitants murdered and cattle were not to be spared either, according to an eyewitness.

The Governor’s response to his people was that they have been abandoned by the federal government and demanded a change in military tactics.

Provided the people in the region continue to take issues with the federal government on ethnic points rather than focus on rectifying their blunders in creating and supporting * violence:

The people are caught precisely where they want to be.

* Until the declaration of the state of emergency, many civilian targets of Boko Haram were of other ethnicities. Indigenous communities are now the prime target.

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