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I have meant to compose and communicate this message to you for some months.

The delay has been due to a number of reasons, the most crucial of which is the risk of reducing events in Northern Nigeria to the activities of your members.

It is my understanding and experience that the security risks that face the typical non-Hausa-Fulani resident exceed the probability of an explosion, and encompass endemic threats of violence and intimidation motivated by the culture of the land.

My concerns presented in the form of questions are the following:

1)      How do you intend to implement the Sharee’ah in Northern Nigeria with Hausa-Fulani culture in place, given that the natives declare aspects of Islam a blight and unacceptable in the culture?

2)      Why do you consider the Nigerian Police a threat to Islam, considering that despite open calls by some of the indigenes for my arrest for my non-compliance to the culture, no member of the Nigerian Police or any other law enforcement agency has stopped me for questioning let alone attempt to detain or arrest me?

3)      Why do you attack Christians, even though Muslims Hausa-Fulanis to be precise find Christians a useful tool to employ against Islam?

4)      In recent months, you have turned your armoury against the Muslim populace. Have those who accommodated you prior to the declaration of a state of emergency become your foes?

5)      In bombing schools and killing children, do you find satisfaction in ignorance is bliss? How much room is there for the ignorant in Jannah?

6)      Do you in your abhorrence for healthcare attack immunisation centres? Do you love children lame, crippled and blind? A better question is: Do you love children at all?

Have you found one Ayah of the Qur’an where Allah praised the ignorant? Do you ignore the words of the Messenger of Allah:

Allah created both disease and cure. Search for the cure.

I find in the Qur’an that Allah rebuked the ignorant and condemned those who murder children. The Messenger of Allah distanced himself from anyone who is not merciful to the youths.

Do we study the same Islam? Or are the rights of children as ‘western’ as education?

If indeed you are sincere in your intention to guide Muslims in the North of Nigeria to Islam, you must acknowledge solutions do not lie in death and intimidation, but in life and freedom.

The one and only,

Umm Sulaim


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