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It was with shock that I learnt, at midnight Friday when I sought fresh news online, that my luminary Nelson Mandela has passed.

Allah Akbar! was my instant response.

Indeed only Allah lives forever.

Nelson Mandela - Obeisance

The three months of ill health of the defender of justice that was expected to be a preparation of the news of his death has failed to reduce the impact on me.

Sometimes, one cannot imagine the death of certain persons, as if one nurtures the desire for such persons to remain with us forever.

If only the strong were always present to comfort the weak.

Humanity must rejoice in the life of a man who stood when standing was an offence punishable by death.

The tears of loss should mingle freely with the joys of admiration.

Throughout my tender ages, I was constantly reminded through articles, lyrics and cartoons of a man in jail for his conscience.

His freedom was the purpose.

FREE MANDELA was the theme everywhere his name was mentioned.

I pondered what resilience this man had to remain in jail to acquire the liberation of his people.

I thought of his family, his children growing up without their father.

Of course, in other parts of the world lived persons of our species who demanded the opposite – his continued incarceration and even his murder.

Death has come, as it surely will to every one of the species of humanity.

In death, some live in the spirit of their legacy, the legacy that nothing worth accomplishing by self should be left to another to attempt.

Nelson Mandela in our lifetime has demonstrated that life is worth living when one lives with principle.

His legacy was to challenge injustice so long as life permitted such endeavours.

Life is real and active. Death is an imagined and impending reality.

One either lives determined to protect and defend justice or one lives expecting to return after death to accomplish what one declined in this life.

However, on death, one discovers the gate to this world has been shut.

I will grieve for you for three days Nelson Mandela and spend the rest of my life celebrating your battles for justice in the face of death threats and systemic repression.


The one and only,

Umm Sulaim

[Winnie Mandela – Fearless Falcon Of A Woman]


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