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To mark a return to publications after a long pause, I investigate the other side of the argument that the psychopath has no conscious control over behaviour.

The psychopath is not responsible over self, for the brain and genes direct the impulse to aggravated acts of violence – rape and murder.

In paradigm, can neuro-technologies be a basis of proof for the girl-child being academically retarded as compared to male siblings?

In some communities, from a young age, girls, unlike their brothers, fare awfully in class.

In fact, these girls have an intellectual capacity of four years below their age.

The older the girls are, the lower their intellectual capacity.

By the time these girls exit the final year of secondary school, they are completely dependent on male colleagues to answer the simplest academic question.

Do not ask how these girls passed primary school, let alone secondary school.

Are these girls genetically disadvantaged?

Are these girls trapped by defective brain cells and abnormal genes?

Do these girls behave as their genes direct?

Are these girls doomed to academic failure?

Are they unable to ever achieve a developed level of thought without constant medication?

Should these girls bother rising above their own nature?

When these girls or their parents contemn educational endeavours, are they blameworthy?

Or is neuroscience limited to providing excuses for why certain persons are natural-born criminals?

Can the research be extended to cover recipients of crime to explain why some persons, usually, but not restricted to, women are more likely to experience violent crime?

Perhaps, a woman’s genes predispose her to a particular hair style, dress or accessory which the rapist has a fixation.

Perhaps a woman’s brain formations encourage certain behaviours in her which places her in isolation with an attacker.

Perhaps a woman’s behaviour against the abnorms of the society is an attraction to gang rapists and murderers.

Perhaps a woman’s choice of route home or class for a quiet study indicates a genetic penchant to vulnerability.

Perhaps such discovery is strikingly similar to current cultures that teach a raped woman deserves or asked for it.

Advocates of the helpless rapist and murderer will understandably not want to prove a woman deserves the violence she experienced.

Such an association will be tampering with political correctness.

From girl education to violence against women, we discuss racial and ethnic cleansing.

Could the apologists conduct research on communities prone to ethnically motivated violence to provide an insight to any genetic origin for such behaviour?

One expects such research will find brain anomalies in members of these communities.

Positive emotions and genuine concern for humanity are not traits of such communities.

Any individual of other ethnicities is not shown unconditional mercy.

Can these anti-social behaviours be explained through the delinquent brain/ victim of genes theory?

– Perhaps.

Still neither theory nor reality is palatable to those of us of other ethnicities.

Muslims and proponents of the helpless victim of self theory share a fundamental feature – perpetrators of injustice are not responsible for own actions.

The two groups, of course, differ on which perpetrators receive the green card to impunity.

The one favours violent psychopaths; the other, authority or anyone who wishes to be a victim of abuse of authority.

Being a person who cherishes my choices, privacy, freedoms and responsibilities – which might be genetic – my behaviours rarely fit established practices.

I am the only woman in a building with upto six male occupants.

I live where I want.

Or is that a genetic call to rape and murder?

With the exception of one of my neighbours, the rest are adherrents of the sewage called culture that perceives other ethnicities as viable targets of violence.

Am I asking to be murdered for the sake of Allah?

Yes, Muslims of other ethnicities can be murdered for the sake of Allah!!!

Alarming, yes. Reality, emphatic.

Let us hope the theory that psychopaths are not capable of self-restraint does not become a licence to delinquency.


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