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At 53, independent Nigeria must continue to be celebrated by Religion, age, race and sexual characteristics.


Every Nigerian is a representative of Nigeria.

In our interactions, we convey Nigeria to the world and bring the world to our doorstep.

Unlike official Ambassadors and other government functionaries, Nigerians respond to events without a prewritten script or advice on precisely what to say.

On one hand, there are Nigerians who put forward distortions and exaggerations, especially on the cause of disputes between Nigerians.

On the flip side, some Nigerians present ideologies rather than realities.

A presentation of self as a detribalised individual is ethical, for Islam prohibits tribalism and racism.

The reality is determined by whether one actually practises what one teaches.

Ironically, some Muslims fond of quoting the principles of Islam are the same who have little regard for those principles.

As an individual, one is defined by Religion, ethnicity, age and gender.

Being a Muslim, my views are taken for granted to conform to that of Northern Nigeria.

Surprise, however, meets anyone who expects me to tow the line of persons who misuse Islam for cultural, selfish and deceptive purposes.

I am Igbo and my people are frequently stunned I am a Muslim.

No, my people. I am not a Muslim because of the North, which you love to hate, but because of Allah and His Messenger.

I have not forgotten – nor will I ever forget – who I am.

I am Igbo 100%.

Unfortunately, the so-called religious crisis for which Nigeria or more specifically Northern Nigeria is known is frequently between the Hausa-Fulani who are Muslims and the Igbo, my flesh and blood.

I support neither in their conflicts, for much of the crisis is a crisis of inconsistencies.

One group believes it needs the approval of the other and the latter is arrogant and oppressive beyond description.

While Nigeria must live, Nigerians must live as self, with an identity of self and a respect for others.

This message to Nigerians is incomplete without an appreciation of the average Yoruba who embraces every Nigerian.

The Muslim who is a Yoruba is a beacon of admiration.

I thank the Yoruba for the 11 years of reception I experienced everyday while in Lagos.

The Yoruba must continue to ignore the miniature racists outside and within the Yoruba race.

Yorubas must not get drawn into the sham of a religious (ethnic or political) crisis.

To Muslims of the South of Nigeria, do note that when one hears the North mention Islam as the motive for certain behaviours, the real motive is far from Islam.

Do not be misled by those who have Islam on the upper lip and culture on the lower lip, for in their heart is the worst culture I have ever experienced.

Yorubas and Muslims of the South cannot afford to lose the kindness for which they are renowned and which they extend to men, women and children.

To children, you have every reason to be a child and to be protected against the indulgencies and disasters which, as we are expected to believe, are the rights and freedoms of adults.

I am a woman and as a Nigerian, the discriminatory practices against women have gradually diminished.

The person who still has sexist impressions is the same who has issues with an individual for being of another ethnicity – the hardened culturalist, whose perception of a woman will never be conveyed to his mother.

Confronting those abusers of women remain my mission.

Thanks to my reputation, few dare utter sexist remarks to my hearing; they know I will defy them.

Nigeria encourages me to do just that.

This is Nigeria, my country, my identity, my pride, my own.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

May Allah keep you safe NIGERIA. Aameen.

The one and only,

Umm Sulaim


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