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MALALA YOUSAFZAI: Message From Me To You

My dear Malala,

I have pondered over your activities for several months.

First, I commend your appreciation of your education and that of other girls.

It is ironic that adults use you to do their dirty job.

The same adults who encourage you to fight for the rights of women and girls to education will deny you the right to choose to get married.

You are a hero for receiving a bullet fighting a battle adults in Pakistan should be fighting.

How many of your admirers will support you should you choose to embark on a lifestyle not to the taste of your adult admirers?

Will your adult supporters campaign for you should you choose to drive a vehicle?

Those adults will emphatically ensure you understand you need to be 18 years of age to get behind the steering wheels of a vehicle.

For some reason, being an advocate for girl education does not have a minimum age requirement.

You are free to choose your lifestyle which includes to continue to fight the battle for adults.

Personally, I would rather you lived your life to the full, as the young woman you are.

There are too many battles against the mistreatment of women and girls for us to get our emotions entangled when a teenager is shot in the head.

Women being shot is awful enough.

Children and teenagers should keep out of it.

What do teenagers do these days?

Do not lose your teenage experiences.

You will not receive another opportunity.

Go to school. Exercise your caution.

However, it is the responsibility of your parents and other adults in your community to ensure your safety.

It is their responsibility to formulate the details of your education.

Have ambitions. Be who you wish to be irrespective of who women in your community are.

Note and record your objections to adult behaviours. Reserve that for you and your private audience.

When you become an adult, it will be my pleasure to hand over my fighting boots to you.

There will always be battles to fight when you become a fully-fledged adult.

If it is not the right to girl education, it will be the right to women education.

Even running your life your way will be the battle of all battles.

You will have your hands occupied fending off men and women who wish to impose their lifestyle on other women.

It is worth noting that when you are an adult with the support of the society to abuse your authority over other members of the society especially children, you will re-analyse your values either in favour of the society or of the child you once were.

I end by noting the conduct of a very significant number of Muslim women:

Until they become an adult, Muslim women are active and assertive in women and girl issues.

On attaining adulthood, Muslim women oppose every right of the woman.

I hope you will not become one of those insignificant majority.

The one and only,

Umm Sulaim

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