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Some Imams have dual problem-solving techniques.

When a woman escapes a miserable life from a marriage or her parents, she is doomed to hell for not loving Allah by remaining under her tormentors.

When a woman or girl is murdered by her spouse or family, she is praised for attaining Jannah.

Her murderers are given a pat on the back for exercising their authority over her.

When a Muslim murders a non-Muslim, Muslims trip over themselves to condemn the act.

Apparently, non-Muslims have rights in Islam which Muslims are denied.

Perhaps, Islam protects everyone except Muslim women and girls.

Perhaps, the murder of a non-Muslim is equivalent to the murder of the entire humanity.

Perhaps, the murder of a Muslim woman or girl is equivalent to the murder of a cockroach – inconsequential and healthy.

Why are Muslims prompt to recall Allah’s Words equating the killing of an individual to genocide only when a Muslim blows up a non-Muslim?

Did Allah intend His Words to be a protection for only non-Muslims?

Muslim communities are notorious for the abuse, torture and murder of women and girls.

Yet, one hardly finds any of those Imams speaking out against what is going on within their communities.

It is little wonder the average Muslim is trained to be contradictory and antagonistic.

The training Imam is renowned for contradictions.

The utterances of the average Muslim is meant to please everyone except Muslim women.

They learnt well from their Imams.

– Imams who take issue with any woman who refuses to live in a cage.

– Imams who recognise only the rights of others while trampling the rights of Muslim women and girls.

– Imams who readily volunteer to solve problems affecting non-Muslims while insisting debilitating issues crippling the well-being of Muslim women and girls remain Allah’s Will and hence without human solution.

Why are the deaths of non-Muslims not Allah’s Will?

Why is the maiming of non-Muslims not Allah’s Will?

Why does terrorism require human solutions whereas a woman’s psychological and physical safety are beyond human resolution?

Apparently, Muslims and their Imams choose which problems to ascribe to Allah and which to ascribe to humanity.

If the problem affects a Muslim woman or girl, Allah is at fault and He Alone will solve it if He wishes.

If the problem affects non-Muslims, humans are culpable. Humans must resolve it. – No need to wait for Allah.


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