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As-Salam alaykum waRahmatuLlah waBarakatuH.

From Allah’s slave-woman, Umm Sulaim, to His slaves, the leaders and combatants of Harakah Ash-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen.

My communication to you is a response to last week’s bombing of a restaurant in Mogadishu.

You are better acquainted with the realities on the ground.

However, one reality does not change irrespective of time or location: JUSTICE.

Your obligation to be just is equally independent of provocation, retaliation or the need to repel the enemies of Islam.

Targeting a privately-owned restaurant for reasons that government officials patronize it barely qualifies as just.

I have long felt that only Somalis can brave the threat of violence to return home to create positive opportunities and improve the economic situation.

The few Somalis who have done that cannot be expected to turn away government officials for fear of becoming a target.

With scant humanitarian aid trickling into the nation, one wonders how civilians – women, children and men – fend off starvation.

Somalia is a desolation, with the exception of government officials, foreign troops, opposition forces and the powerless.

The crisis in Somalia cannot continue or there will be no one left to govern, except the elderly, the weak, children and belligerents.

Muslim women and children in Somalia are suffering.

Speaking of women, I hope the mother of each of you is alive and proud of your activities.

I say that as Muslim women are notorious for playing helpless victims.

Some nurse illusions and delusions that were women at the helms of affairs in the various nations of our planet, there would be no wars or conflict.

Yet, the sons of these Muslim women foment and sustain wars despite the devastation on the population.

Where are the mothers of Somalis?

Where were the mothers of the different clan members and clan heads when the conflict in Somalia commenced?

Where were the mothers of Somali combatants throughout these two decades of conflict?

Again, your mother must be pleased with your conduct for her not to have rained curses on you.

Curses would she have sprayed on you had you, for instance, married a woman not to her choice.

Muslim women might be experts in game-playing, however, I expect each of you to accept your mother is the most powerful human in your life.

Your mother is powerful without ever wielding an AK-47 or any other assault weapon.

If your mother has remained silent, I have chosen to shatter that silence.

And NO, this is certainly not the remake of the seventh clan, if my memories serve me well.

I am neither your mother nor a Somali nor am I a woman who needs the west to direct me on the positive influence of women in the society.

Something must change in Somalia.

A start is a cessation of attacks on civilians and non-government buildings and businesses.

I implore you to pioneer that change.

Wa As-Salam alaykum waRahmatuLlah waBarakatuH.

The one and only,

Umm Sulaim


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