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Serious Humour – BOKO HARAM RESCUE

Each time I hear the military rescued the wives of dead or arrested Boko Haram members during an operation, I wonder what kind of rescue that is!!!

Did the women not choose to be married to their husband?

Were they forced or intimidated to remain in that marriage?

The last time I heard of the rescue of women including one with a bulging abdomen, I thought:

Here we go again.

If indeed it is a rescue, there must be some juicy story behind it.

To make matters worse, I knew the women will receive compensation.

Over the next few days, I had to make myself laugh.

Enjoy the humour:

At the compensation event, one of the rescued women laments.

Rescued Woman: Oh! How will I cope without my husband? He was my breadwinner!

Now he is dead who will supply me with bread and winner?

Governor, thank you so much for coming to our aid.

It will not be easy with my pregnancy.

Imagine every man wants to have children and JTF killed my husband just when he was about to become a new father!

JTF, who sent you to kill my husband? I was having babies for him.

Now, my children will grow without their father!

Naughty JTF! You violated my human rights when you killed my husband!

I did not send you to kill him for me!

Two months later, at another rescue operation:

JTF: Wait! Have we not rescued you before?

Rescued Woman: Is the rescue on ration?

It is my human rights. You are violating my human rights!

(whispering) Do you know any militants?

JTF: Why do you ask?

Rescued Woman: Well, they will need a woman for bedroom pleasures, after a day’s worth of bombing activities.

JTF: What?

Rescued Woman: Just connect me with one of them and we can share the compensation.

JTF: You are under arrest!

Rescued Woman: Under arrest for what? For trying to make you rich? What has the world become?


Perhaps I should get married to a member of Boko Haram, arrange to have him shot by the Joint Task Force and become a millionaire with government compensation!

However, something tells me I will not qualify for being rescued!

No compensation for me!


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