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The controversy over the signing into law of the right to an abortion appears ill placed.

The furor is a remake of the debate, in 2012 during the United States Presidential campaign, over who controls a woman’s body.

This time, the debate is primarily among the Igbo ethnic group of South-Eastern Nigeria.

In the South-East, specifically Imo State the heart of Igbo land, did the Governor sign the abortion bill into law.

Governor Rochas Okorocha is now headed for a collision with his electorate, who as their counterparts in the United States will have nothing whatsoever to do with the permissibility of abortion.

Contrary to perceptions, the law is not a free ticket to unrestricted abortions.

From published segments of the law, the reasoning behind the legality and right to a healthy abortion is vivid.

Should a woman conceive through rape or incest, or if her health or life is threatened, she has the legal choice to terminate or proceed with the pregnancy.

Those are conditions.

In Islam, abortion is legal under similar circumstances.

A healthy, conscientious and conscionable abortion is best performed within the first 40 days after conception.

At the very latest, by the end of the sixth week any termination of pregnancy should be a closed issue.

Beyond that date, abortion is legal only if maintaining the pregnancy is detrimental to the health of the pregnant woman.

Should that be the case, – and though both mother and unborn child are precious creations and humans – an abortion is acceptable as the mother’s life takes precedence over the life of the unborn child.

The beauty of the abortion law is that it places responsibility on the woman.

The key word is responsibility.

A responsible woman sustains her morals independently of the behaviours of others in her environment.

A responsible woman refrains from extra-nuptial intimate relationships. [1]

A responsible woman cherishes every child growing in her womb, conceived of her husband.

A responsible woman welcomes, within marriage, every pregnancy planned or not.

A responsible woman, when her pregnancy jeopardises her psychological and physiological well-being, agonises over the decision to undertake an abortion.

A responsible woman arrives at a solid decision to terminate the pregnancy with the advice of her physicians, religious advisors, and Shaykhs.

The decision remains hers alone.

Of course, with every law there will be women who will want to exploit the abortion law.

Women have always had abortions; some enough to populate a clan.

Abortion to some women is a contraception.

Rather, abortion occurs after conception and is the termination of further embryonic development.

It is the responsibility of physicians and law enforcement agents to ensure the law is not abused.

[1] NOTE: As this publication is on a woman’s body and decisions, the woman is the focus.

The context must not be misconstrued to promote the cultural and societal abnorm that women alone bear the brunt of moral decadence.

If the culture or society considers licentiousness in a man acceptable behaviour, with whom or what does the man have sexual intercourse – donkeys?ABORTION LAW OF IMO STATE


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