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DEMOCRACY: Next Stop Syria


The drums of war sound, yet again.

Summoning enthusiasts.

In defence of democracy.

To protect human rights.

Finally, the Barack Administration have resolved to take military action against the Bashar Asad government in Syria.

The justification for punitive steps is Asad’s recent devastating use of chemical weapons on civilians.

A crucial observation:

Does the violation of the sanctity of humanity rest solely on the use of neurotoxins and other chemical or biological weapons on innocents?

Granted, the thought of chemical warfare is terrifying.

No one wishes to experience the agony of physiological and physical deterioration and debilitation of a neurotoxin.

The introduction of chemical weapons by Bashar Asad’s forces in the civil war in Syria conjures imageries of the two World Wars.

Every sensible individual wishes to avert a replication of either of those wars.

Every one of the 1,300 women, men and children murdered precisely a week ago on Wednesday August 21, 2013 were valuable members of humanity.

May Allah pardon the deceased and grant them Jannah al-Firdaus, comfort the bereaved, and heal the survivors. Aameen.

The dead and wounded on Wednesday were not the only ones in recent weeks.

A short distance from Syria, an estimated 3,000 individual unarmed Muslims have been shot dead by the armed forces in Egypt.

Why did the international response to that call for reconciliation?

Why is the same reconciliation inappropriate for Syria?

Perhaps, the violator of human sanctity is pardoned and rewarded when an ally of the west.

Among the allies of the west is Muhammad El-Baradei.

Interestingly, this author had pondered over the tough stance of Muhammad El-Baradei, Egypt’s coup vice-President during the massacre of innocents.

He was well trained by the west, considering he was the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Muhammad El-Baradei must have learnt first-hand the validity and justification of the murder of civilians by the government.

– Collateral damage.

News of the resignation of the coup vice-President, two weeks ago on Wednesday August 14, was received by this author with much amusement.

He claims he is not accountable before Allah for the massacre, not even for a single drop of blood.

– Pure hypocrisy.

He dictates to Allah. – A dictator for life.

Denial is not an exoneration before Allah.

First, Muhammad El-Baradei must be accountable to humanity.

Whoever has no respect for humanity cannot revere Allah.

He has since been accused by his collaborators of breaching public trust, for resigning without permission!!!

Now, that is democracy for you!!

Serious laughter!

The amusement ends there, as he has fled the country.

Muhammad El-Baradei has no intention of becoming collateral damage. – Very thoughtful of him.

Information from a contact in Egypt indicates the coup government monitor online communications of civilians.

The list of questions this author had sought to understand, therefore remains unanswered.

Fear must be a tool of democracy.

Should Barack Obama proceed with military actions against Syria, civilians must be kept out of it.

Every strike must be precisely without a single civilian casualty.

As the United States government has explained the targets of the strikes are military installation, there must be no deviation from military to civilian targets.

If military intervention is to protect civilians from the torment and death of another exposure to chemical warfare, civilians must not be exposed to death by nuclear weapons either.

There is no humanitarian justification for bombing the same civilians the United States claim to protect.

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