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As with every hurtful experience, the crisis in Egypt has its positive angles.

It demonstrates the extent to which the United States government will go to remain silent to protect the atrocities committed by their allies.

That is not news considering the last decade has witnessed the atrocities of the United States against other nationals and sometimes Americans.

The crisis emphasizes the United States do not venture into another country, except to protect US interest.

The intervention in Libya was neither a humanitarian gesture nor to empathise with the people of Libya.

The attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi was – and has never been – the consequence or “payback for helping Muslims”.

Cognizant of the mission of the United States, and the west in general, in other nations, this author has consistently refrained from asking or in any way encouraging US military intervention in Syria.

This position has not changed since the Syrian civil war two years ago.

Syria needs military assistance. Who and what form, are the headache, especially should the assistance involve the presence of western armies.

The west readily rant against rulers for killing their own people.

Invite the west, and they will outdo the incumbent ruler in indiscriminate bombing of civilians.

The accuracy and precision of the war technology of the west heavily relies on testing missiles on the civilian population.

Women and children must be targeted – very precise.

Although the position of the Saudi Arabian government on the Egyptian mayhem is disappointing, it is expected.

The Saudi Arabian government will congratulate a hyena, if one were to take over the helms of affairs in Egypt.

– Assuming hyenas have not already seized power in Egypt.

The Saudi Arabian government cautiously stick to the Sharee’ah.

It is hoped they will also not give the stick treatment to the innocent Muslims whose life defend the Sharee’ah.

Help the oppressor and the oppressed. Help the oppressor by preventing from committing oppression. ~> The Messenger of Allah

With this in view, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has no pretensions concerning democracy.

The west do have ample self-righteousness regarding the right of the individual to have a say through the ballot on who governs one.

When the west export democracy, through military bullying, to other nations they conceal the fine print –

a) The only elected President with the right to govern is one who favours the west.

b) The only legitimate electorate are those who confirm the interest of the west.

Some hours ago, this author read the comments of some Nigerians on US-Nigeria relations.

The comments reflect both a and b, without the pleasantries.

One is, of course, entitled to delude self that any of the commenters is a Muslim – the “only Muslims hate us” mentality.

The US is a forerunner on restoring democracy through a military coup, when they overthrew Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

2,000 marines invaded Haiti and abducted Aristide. – Democracy at its best.

The US President has no qualms abducting the President of another nation.

– The perfect description of a scavenger nation.

John Kofo and Thabo Mbeki, of Ghana and South Africa respectively, were expected to arrest a sitting President of Liberia.

Then Nigeria’s President Olusegun Obasanjo faced treachery from the west as soon as the same President of Liberia entered Nigerian soil.

The International Criminal Court (ICC), however, will not issue arrest warrants for George Bush and Tony Blair.

Instead, Belgium found it expedient to disregard its own law in order to halt the trial in absentia of the war criminal George Bush.

Austria had no hesitation forcing down and searching Bolivia’s presidential plane.

Presidents in the west overflow with respect for their equals in other regions.

Why should the US government not support the Egyptian military in the latter’s detention of Egypt’s President?

Illegal military intervention in governance is part of the democratic process.

One would expect fairness to one’s enemies.

The US government is not in a position to comprehend fairness.

The relief regarding the injustice of the west is:

They are not our teachers. ~> Umar Mukhtar

No sensible individual should emulate the west.

Venezuela and Bolivia rank among sovereign nations independent of the west.

This author was impressed with their willingness to act in opposition to the US by offering asylum to an American fugitive.


One comment on “DEMOCRACY

  1. Umm Sulaim
    August 17, 2013

    The attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi was – and has never been – the consequence or “payback for helping Muslims”.

    was supposed to read

    The attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi was NOT – and has never been – the consequence or “payback for helping Muslims”.

    This is the worst error I have made so far.

    I actually had a sleepless night wondering whether I had made that mistake.

    The one and only,

    Umm Sulaim

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