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Ramadhan is over.

AlHamduliLlah for the month’s visitation and thrills.

As the Eid Al-Fitr mood persists, the discussion is on what we were caught doing.

Publications on Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts emphasize personal responsibility, so the significant question is: What did one catch self doing?

On numerous occasions, I had to remind myself we were Fasting.

You’d better not munch anything, I repeatedly cautioned myself.

And, I would smile that any mistaken munching is pardoned by Allah – Allah’s Rahmah (Mercy) for people as myself who forget just about everything!!!

I would forget my head if it were not on my neck and shoulders!!!!!!

My greatest concern was to remember I was Fasting after downloading a full plate of food!!!!!!

AlHamduliLlah that did not happen – the downloading part I mean!!!!

Oh Ramadhan!

It does sharpen one’s self-discipline.

Being a woman, I, of course, experienced the monthly here-we-go course!!!!

I might be an old mama, but I am not that old!!!!

The here-we-go moment is especially alarming after almost a full day’s Fast and just minutes before Iftar, here-we-go arrives!!!!!

I did not experience that during Ramadhan. However, I might have silently prayed for the here-we-go to turn up after the day’s Fasting is over.

Here-we-go did arrive unpredictably, though in another format. The physiology of the old mama is becoming hectic.

I spent just as much time in the here-we-go state as I did Fasting!!!!!

After the shocking reality settled, I felt relief my Ramadhan was smooth sailing!!!!!!!

No weakness to contain!!!! No hunger to experience!!!!

How could there be weakness and hunger when here-we-go successfully knocked out Fasting!!!!!


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