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30. There, certainly, are Aayaat in that. For sure We are ever the Ones to test.

31. Then, after them, We brought out another race.

32. We sent to them a Messenger, one of their own: "Worship Allah! None is to be worshipped except Him. Will you not be virtuous?"


33. The leaders of his people, who disbelieved and considered as a lie the Meeting in the Hereafter and to whom We had granted the luxuries and affluence of this life said: "He is nothing but a human as you all are. He eats what you eat and drinks what you drink."

34. "If you obey a man as yourselves, you will undoubtedly be losers."


35. "Does he promise you that when you are dust and bones, you shall be made to reappear?"

36. "Infinitely impossible is what you are promised."

37. "There is nothing but our life in this world. We die and we live. And we will not be resurrected."

Then, after them, We brought out another race. For as long as the last days are not upon us, creation continues.

Each generation is different, but ought to learn from the past.

Each generation and each individual must pass through a series to morale-boosting assessments.

Each generation must recognise the Aayaat of Allah

To whom We had granted the luxuries and affluence of this life, is there a constrained or necessity for exceeding the limits set by Allah.

Although gross violators of the Sharee’ah belong to a variety of socioeconomic status, the wealthy take their acts of violation much further.

Blinded by the need to maintain their ‘respectability’ and ‘honour’, wealthy violators hem themselves in with worse sins.

Some frequently resort to forcefully stripping their daughters of Hijab and Niqab.

Others insist on their daughter’s marriage to a wealthy man who loves his possessions too much to ever love his wife.

Due to their influence in the society and politics, the rich are able to spread ideologies which erode society’s loyalty to Allah.

Many wealthy families relish Hajj and Umrah, the only Islamic principles they observe; the two are the ‘Islam’ of the rich.

If Zakah is fulfilled, it will be with much publicity.

Ramadhan, the only other social principle, if observed is for the community effect.

Some wealthy persons, however do not fast at all during this month.

They, instead, feed a poor person throughout the month.

The expiation which is a facility for those who cannot fast for valid reasons have become the facility for the rich.

The expiation which is meant to feed the poor becomes an Iftar get-together for persons from other wealthy families.

The welcomed news is the rich who do get things right form the bedrock of the society of justice.

If you obey a man as yourselves, you will undoubtedly be losers. What an irony!

Experience a pleasant conclusion to Ramadhan.


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