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Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts AT ONE: Commemorating The Social Individual

August 13, the day Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts commenced unrestrained-access publications is The Day Of The Social Individual.

To commemorate the social individual, there shall be publications highlighting the life, activities, interests and pursuits of persons who value their independence of identity, thought and lifestyle.

The social individual is a unique human whose interactions with others are based on self-confidence, self-acceptance, and appreciation of self.

Today’s focus shall be on the various collections of Muslim women who as individuals oppose the military coup in Egypt.

Those women are standard mothers, wives, daughters and sisters, each with an admirable identity, the uniqueness to stand up against tyranny and violence.

They have braved institutional repression, excessive aggression and threats of further violence to remain resolute President Muhammad Mursi is the Egyptian President.

Those women have been labelled Muslim Brotherhood as if a woman needs a man – or an approved hierarchy – to inform her of the difference between a military-installed civilian government and an elected government.

Incidentally, some men – in the same western governments that have refused to let the rest of the world sleep peacefully until they have militarily intimidated every nation to adopt democracy – have conveniently shed the ability to make that demarcation – an appropriate case of self-induced opportunism.

In Egypt, those strong and independent Muslim women have been arrested, sexually harassed and murdered by the Egyptian armed forces.

Those women have witnessed the arrest and murder of their children and spouse.

The use of violence against peaceful demonstrators must be the human rights policy of the west.

They ought to be pleased with themselves.

Coincidentally, during the secularist demonstrations, there was little or no use of coercion by President Mursi.

That must have been a clear violation of the human rights policy, a policy for hypocrites.

The Muslim women in Egypt acknowledge real change must come from within Egypt.

The rest of the world who consider the event of July 3, 2013 a coup demonstrate our solidarity on the street, in discussions and in writing.

Those social individual Muslim women in Egypt must observe as the west in their duplicity of a democracy awake from the conspiracy of silence and frantically present an air of seeking to resolve the current standoff, of course in favour of Egyptian generals.

It is my pleasure to be identified with contemporary Muslim women who appreciate self and their independence. They are my inspiration. They have my utmost respect.

Those are women who are proud of their identity as a Muslim and as a woman.

Those are Muslim women who do not play victim to gain the attention and faux compassion of the west.

Muslim women are not the ridiculous women who pretend to be dominated by men.

Muslim women have always articulated their voice against injustice.

The Muslim women in Egypt derive their identity and insight from Muslim women of historical memory who individually and variously stood up to oppressors, dictators and generals.

A case study is Asma bint Abu Bakr, the elder sister of Aishah.

Asma’s only son AbdAllah bin Az-Zubair was deposed by a ruthless general. Ibn Az-Zubair wanted to reclaim his rights.

However, he felt for his mother. Not only will she experience the devastation of the possibility of her son’s murder, but as a very elderly leader – Asma was 100 years old – she will endure the taunts of her detractors.

The discussion between mother and son ended with Asma encouraging her son to “fight for your beliefs”.

In effect, Asma’s advice to her son was a commendation for his position against injustice. The meaning of her words was: Go. Do not worry about me.

When Asma learnt of her son’s murder, she stepped out of her home, headed for the general’s residence.

As expected, she was insulted. Her position was not altered: her son’s body must be brought down from where he was hanged.

The general paid no attention to her demand.

Asma left and, without the general’s consent had her son’s body released and buried.

My dear sisters in Egypt, the days ahead are critical and will be as demanding as ever. Remain calm and cool.


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