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DEMOCRACY: An Open Letter To John Kerry

A United States diplomat is every bit as the predecessor – blind, deaf and dumb.

Since the coup in Egypt and the response of the United States government, democracy has been a topic of thought for publication.

Your recent utterances “In effect, they [Egyptian military] were restoring democracy” proved to be the catalyst for this publication, tailored specifically to American circumstances.

Over the last five years, millions and millions of Americans have called on the Barack Administration of which you are a part to resign.

By the way, those millions and millions of Americans who have threatened violence against the American state are the very same who -all of whom – are afraid of a descendance into chaos, into violence.

Why has there been no official appraisal and commendation for the concern of those Americans?

Instead, there has been talk of arrests by security agents.

Apparently, only the US President must not be held hostage by lovers of democracy.

The United States government supports in other nations what you will not have in your territory.

Obviously, the US military are too robotic and too programmed to respond to the yearnings of millions and millions of Americans.

Apparently, the US military lack the competence to restore democracy in the United States.

Perhaps, the US military are too chicken, too undemocratic or too busy attending to their wife, girlfriends and extramarital liaisons to step in and avert chaos and violence.

Remember, it is not a coup, but a restoration of democracy.

Where have the US military been these five years that they are ignorant of the demands of millions and millions of Americans?

Oh yes! The US military have been very occupied restoring democracy everywhere, except in America.

Is America’s claim to democracy genuine?

Provided your military have been drugged not to restore democracy within the borders of the United States, yes that claim is fraudulent.

Let us observe the restoration of democracy on US soil, initiated by lovers of democracy, the American military themselves.

Perhaps, this particular procedure of restoring democracy is unpalatable to American diplomats.

Perhaps, diplomats are too self-centred to be held in custody by your very own restorers of democracy.

Perhaps, the competence of the US military is restricted to assaulting foreign nationals for democratic values.

Perhaps, US government officials and the military are not people-oriented.

Perhaps, the land of milk and honey is a land of exporters of sour milk and honey.

The one and only,

Umm Sulaim


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