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15. Thereafter, you undeniably must die.

16. Then, on the Day of Judgment, you certainly will be resurrected.

17. We did indeed create above you seven tracts. And We have not neglected the created.

18. We send down rain from the sky in Predetermined quantity, causing it to soak the soil. We equally are able to cause it to evaporate.

19. With it We grow for you gardens of date-palms and grapes, both of which provide you with abundant fruits of which you eat.

20. In addition, We grow for you a tree springing out of Tur Saina’ (Mount Sinai) which produces oil and relish for those who consume it.

21. Certainly there is in cattle further enlightenment for you. We produce for you a drink from within their bodies. There are many uses in them for you, just as you eat them.

22. And ride on them and on ships.

The misconception of death is of freedom from the pressures of living.

This prompts wishes for suicide in some persons and for ‘assisted death’ in others.

Death in itself is a portal to a new living.

Death is not the end, but the beginning of another existence.

There is life while in the grave, of deserved thrills or torments.

Moreover, life on the Day of Judgment shall be the second creation, devoid of ailment and aging.

Tub’athun Allah states two complementary contrasts here: death and resurrection.

Humanity is certain of death. Everyone undoubtedly believes in death.

Resurrection is disputed among sections of humanity. The question usually is on how resurrection is possible.

The One Who brought about the first creation of humanity – and all of creation – from nonexistence has promised to repeat the accomplishment.

Of significance is the ease of creation to Allah.

Life after death is not to be misconstrued as reincarnation, for once death occurs one is debarred against this life in any form.

Phantoms are another misconception of life after death.

Ghosts are not dead persons, but are living entities, created before Adam and residing in this universe in a world parallel but invisible to that of humanity.

Collectively known as jinn, they possess several superhuman qualities, such as the ability to enter the human body – producing the reincarnation effect – and to mimic human form – the ghost effect.

We have not neglected the created. The misbelief of some persons in a creator who does not care is refuted by the Creator Himself.

Allah sustains the universe.

The Creator has not abandoned humanity to wander blindly and dejected.

Allah Who is above His Throne above the seven Heavens is with humanity discharging the affairs of the universe from above His Throne.

Allah’s Guidance and Benevolence to humanity have been demonstrated throughout human presence on earth.

The following are examples of Allah’s continued involvement in events on earth:

– A measured quantity of rainfall, depending on location

– Rain soaking the soil and leaching

– Drainage, floods, erosion, evaporation, desertification and formation of bodies of water

– Nurturing of cultivation

– Production of refreshing milk and succulent meat from cattle

– Enabling cattle to bear the human weight and other loads

In essence, much – if not all – of what is defined as ‘nature’ is Allah’s Influence.

Part of fitrah, pure human originality (nature), is the consumption of certain animals and their products – milk, eggs, etc.

Qadar is employed here to signify a predetermined measure.

The quantity of rain is of amount and frequency.

Different cities experience sparse or frequent rainfall, as well as light showers or storms and hurricanes.

And there are many benefits in it for you. One must explore all of one’s available resources. There are very often more than the obvious benefits.

In the case of cattle, other utilities include wool and leather clothings, home decorations, conveyance and manure.

Frequently, one handicaps self and refuses to perceive potentials in own capabilities.

There is much more to self than common traditions.

With research, one discovers other uses of one’s resources.

Scientific and technological researches are no more ‘western’ than Islam itself.

Paradoxically, early generations of Muslims were the pioneers of this ‘western’ education.

Islam promotes education in many [1] spheres of life, if only Muslims will cease to limit Islam to copy-and-paste.

[1] Many, rather than all has been used, for though many Muslims rant against the west, they bear no qualms promoting anti-Islam ideologies – secularism, socialism = culturalism, self-centrednessism, oppressionism, pecking orderism, bed jumpingism!!!!!


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