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1. The believers are already victorious.

2. Those who are humble in their Salah.

3. And avoid worthless discussions.

4. And always fulfill their obligation to pay Zakah.

5. And conscientiously protect their sexuality.

6. Except from their spouse or their possessions. For then, they are free from fault.

7. Whoever pursues relations behind that are the reprobates.

The believers are already victorious. The believer is always victorious, no matter the trials, tests, or difficulties.

Initially, circumstances may appear overwhelming as many gullible individuals adopt the disgraceful attitude of indifference to one’s plight.

Few persons will identify, openly and sincerely, with the believer during the period of test.

Those few will prove their steadfastness in goodness and will offer whatever assistance within their means.

If the test is slander, many others will fall for the allegations and gossip of disreputable persons.

If it is a case of oppression or victimization, others will support the majority or the one in a position of authority.

Yet, with patience, calmness, and firm reliance on Allah, the believer always smiles, for victory over injustice is attained sooner than later.

The believer is known for many remarkable qualities.

The Main Characteristics Of The Believer:

a- Humble in communications with Allah, the believer constantly reminds self especially during Salah that one is still the slave and Allah the King.

In willing obedience and servitude, the believer continuously reverses one’s focus to Allah each time shaytan drops a distracting thought into one’s mind.

b- Avoiding unnecessary interactions, the believer carefully chooses who forms one’s social circle.

Recognising vain discussions as a destroyer of good habits, the believer surrounds self with honest and judicious persons.

c- Observing Zakah when due, the believer acknowledges Zakah as an investment for the next life.

This type of investment fulfills an obligation as well as purifies and increases affluence in this life.

d- Chaste, except for nuptial relations with spouse the believer restrains urges and refrains from illicit carnal relations until marriage.

On marriage, the believer remains faithful to one’s spouse and keeps away from extra-nuptial affairs.

The description of the believer is a living impression.

The believer is not a believer of occasions of societal importance.

Nor is the believer devout among friends and an uncommitted Muslim among strangers.

This is Ramadhan, a month when almost every Muslim wishes to be noticed and recognised as a pious Muslim.

The believer strives to be a religious Muslim throughout the year.

The performance of Salah and Zakah is not for Ramadhan alone or for the purposes of recognition or for communal belonging.

So they are the reprobatesDuring Ramadhan, and because of a seemingly strong societal bond, one successfully resists the urge to engage in behind-the-scene haram bedroom exploits.

What, then, is the hindrance to abstaining from taking to bed someone who is not one’s spouse the remaining eleven months of the year?

Is the problem the society and its love of pretence and mediocrity?

Is the real problem self and one’s reluctance to be sincere to self?


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