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Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts has extensively covered the position of the average Muslim on the zero rights of a Muslim, with the exception of oppressive Muslims.

Today’s writing touches on another crucial exception – the Rights Of A Muslim On The Enemy.

If the jaw of the akada dropped on reading that last paragraph, do not swallow a fly! Serious laughter!

A scenario:

Two Muslims interact. One offends the other.

Other Muslims – with few examplary exceptions, some of whom are known to this author – encourage the actions of the offender, with good reasons:

A) The society believes in oppression.

B) The offender has sustained the abnorm.

C) There is no problem.

D) There is no problem to solve.

E) Only those who do not love Allah, and are neither patient nor humble solve problems.

A second scenario:

A non-Muslim (or a Muslim unpopular with the society of imbeciles) offends – or appears to offend – a Muslim.

The society reverses its position, provided a bribe is not involved.

The oppressor is not welcome.

Every instrument available to the society is employed against the oppressor.

Everyone voices their anger and contempt at the oppressor.

The oppressor must be stopped.

For once, the oppressor is regarded as the enemy.

The oppressor is a non-Muslim.

The derived law:

A problem must be identified and rectified, if and only if

Oppressor = Enemy = Non-Muslim

Guess who must solve the problem?

Congratulations for the right answer: King AbdAllah of Saudi Arabia!

Did King AbdAllah inform Muslims he is desirous of hell? (see E above)

Muslim-Muslim relations require the observance of no rights.

For some yet to be understood reasons, Muslim-non-Muslim relations must recognise the full rights of the Muslim.

Question: From where did those rights materialize?

One cannot deprive self of rights and demand rights from the enemy.

That defies reason.

Why should the enemy recognise the existence of such a right?

If the enemy upholds rights loving Muslims deny each other, should the enemy not become the lover?

The enemy must accede leniency and restraint regarding Muslims in the former’s territory.

Why is the title enemy relevant?

The average Muslim regards non-Muslims as the enemy, and a serious threat.

This author, however, has never done so.

The case of non-Muslims is far too easy:

Those who desire enmity are granted a lifetime of enmity the way they enjoy.

Those who desire amicable relations receive same.

Good relations and hence full rights are binding on this author concerning only those non-Muslims with whom there is a peaceful relationship.

Similar rights and expectations are held from kind-hearted non-Muslims.

A challenge to Muslims: Present just one evidence from the Sharee’ah to support any right on the enemy.

The enemy owes Muslims no obligation, whatsoever.

Should the enemy torment – Guantanamo, Abu Ghuraib, Palestine, rendition, etc – or decimate the Muslim population – Afghanistan – they only fulfill their role as the enemy.

If anything, the enemy has certain rights on Muslims, in the Sharee’ah.

There is, nonetheless, a long list of incumbent rights of a Muslim on another Muslim, all of which the society of imbeciles squashes.

When Muslims encourage the mistreatment and murder of the girl-child, wife or woman, do the parents, husband and society fulfill their role, and as what – the enemy?

One’s parents and husband, who are supposed to be the most affectionate to a person, violate one’s rights, which must remain inviolable to the enemy!

A case of misplaced priorities!

This article has been in recognition of the hypocrisy of many Muslims to the crisis in Palestine and elsewhere.

Palestine is one important matter, which until recently was intentionally avoided as a publication topic.

The reason is, simply, the reluctance to draw hypocrites to self.

This particular topic has been an issue of much thoughts for several months and is, especially, necessary after the publication of AL-MASJID AL-AQSA UNDER SIEGE.

This author believes in the rights of a Muslim and promotes the resolution of problems – personal, nuptial, parental, societal, etc – within one’s jurisdiction.

A Muslim need not have a mini Palestine or a mini al-Masjid al-Aqsa in one’s private life or a non-Muslim as the oppressor to attempt to resolve personal problems.

Discourses on governance and international relations, therefore, remain justified.

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