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Not again!

Not another military interference in a civilian government.

Early Thursday, prior to news of the coup, this author wondered why the civilian government in Egypt has yet to cripple the military’s capacity to interfere in politics.

The military chiefs in Egypt have the freedom to commit treason against the elected government.

The military can issue directives to the government.

The military can threaten the government.

The military is a body of mutinous soldiers.

The Egyptian military is grossly insubordinate.

Who runs a nation – the elected government or seditious armed thugs?

Saudi Arabia congratulated the puppet interim head of subversive hoodlums. What?

I might understand the reasoning, yet the coup was an unnecessary measure.

The military should stay in their cantonments, barracks, forts, garrisons, bases and whatever other nomenclature they call their mess (literal).

The military must keep out of politics and governance.

The military in Nigeria has this author’s support while performing duties which does not include issuing an ultimatum to the President.


The military in Egypt was able to dictate to and arrest an elected President, because they alone possess firepower.

No one else wields firearms.

The United States and United Arab Emirates have made amiable statements regarding the coup.

Question: As the armed take-over of government is permissible provided a ceremonial civilian government is installed, can those popularly referred to as “Islamists” play the game too?

Or are “Islamists” excluded from the crop of armed elements who can sack an elected President?

Egypt, until the threat of coup was issued, presented little interest.

The military coup propelled the recall of Nigeria’s battles against the military.

During those long years of military rule, the military referred to the rest of the nation as bloody civilians.

Here is one for the Egyptian military: bloody soldiers!

Ironically, countries where the military can readily dictate the actions of an elected government are Islamic by name with a secularist and socialist mentality.

A few of such nations come to mind, of note, Turkey.

The military alleged the civilian government failed to live up to expectations, the expectations of protesters.

With the coup, those bloody soldiers nullified the voice of 52% of the electorate who gave Muhammad Mursi the mandate as President.

No wonder some individuals do not bother to vote.

The vote may be rigged.

Worse, one’s choice of President may be placed under house arrest by bloody soldiers.

This author has never owned a voter’s registration card!

Bloody soldiers!


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