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The Muslim world awaits the visitation of Ramadhan, a renowned guest who graces our threshold only once every year.

Muslims are preparing for the grand welcome.

Red and supple rugs are ready to be unrolled.

Memories of previous visits have energized the thrills and expectations of Ramadhan.

Ramadhan’s arrival, sojourn and departure are perfused with much funfair.

Ramadhan is a most delicate visitor and must be entertained with much sensibilities and sensitivities.

All unwholesome conduct must be kept suppressed. Ramadhan is far too distinguished a guest to expose to unbecoming conduct.

We must make an exquisite impression, especially, while Ramadhan is among us.

Oh! The meals we must prepare for our noble guest!

Our hands washed and neat. Ramadhan must not suffer a stomach upset under our care.

Apron tied to our waist. We must be professional.

Hair covered. No! No! No! No strand of hair must be pulled out of the meal!

We must prepare the banquet of the millenium.

Family and friends will join us for the feast. Even strangers benefit, tremendously, from the largess.

The banquet will be held only in darkness when the sun sleeps.

Ramadhan is shy of sunlight and refrains from all indulgences while the sun is awake.

We, the host, tread the same path. We must observe the wishes of our guest.

We must be vigilant to curb the inclinations of our taste receptors.

Once the sun retires for the day, we unveil our garnished dishes for the pleasures of our guest and ourselves.

While some, out of unleashed appetite, consume a disproportionate amount of food during the ceremony, some others barely eat, in the misconception of prolonged restraint.

Others eat minimally, sufficient to sustain their energy and focus to continue to regard the magnanimous presence in our home.

Our hospitality to our guest includes an array of engagements:

a) An open door policy for loved ones: To entertain our guest to the detriment and neglect of those who care for us is an indication of extreme poor judgment.

b) Spousal quality time: Our spouse is lavished with kisses and love.

We reserve the hot intimacies to the hours of darkness.

Ramadhan must have the perception our home is full of love.

c) A tour of the city: We extend our benevolence to the needy and to strangers.

Ramadhan must not have the impression we are preoccupied with our inner circle, race/ ethnicity or socioeconomic status.

d) Refuel our skills: During the tour, we attend gatherings of light to increase our knowledge of our duties here on earth and the rewards of fulfilling our obligations.

We must demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt we are interested in the sustenance and progress of humanity and nature here on earth for Ramadhan to believe we are people of faith.

e) Reach for the source of knowledge: Ramadhan must not leave us without being entertained to the recitation and study of the Qur’an in our home.

Ramadhan was a guest at the inception and launch of the revelation of the Qur’an to Muhammad our beloved Prophet and Messenger of Allah.

We just have to remind Ramadhan of that moment the Messenger of Allah was transformed from an uneducated man to the teacher of nations and instructed to read.

Iqra! Angel Jibril commanded.

I cannot read!


I said I cannot read!

Iqra! With the Name of your Rabb Who creates. [1]

Sometimes, Ramadhan’s stay lasts for 29 consecutive days.

At other times, our guest remains with us for an extra day; the fun is just too attractive.

At Ramadhan’s departure, we are deeply nostalgic, relieved and blessed.

Ramadhan is bid farewell with the grand finale of feasts, commencing at dawn following the day of departure.

This time, Ramadhan is extolled and celebrated in absentia.

This is truly a mark of respect, for courtesy refines us to speak good of our guest in the latter’s presence.

When we repeat the same when our guest is no longer in our company, it is a recognition of our nobility and that of our guest.

[1] The Qur’an – Surah Alaq (96): Ayah 1

This commenced the revelation of Allah’s Word the Qur’an, through Angel Jibril, to Muhammad the Messenger of Allah.

He creates humanity from a blood clot.
Iqra! And your Rabb (Lord) is the Noble.
Who teaches through the pen.


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