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The term leader invests in the mind of the average individual the image of the president or governor; everyone else is the led.

In reality, every responsible individual is a leader, of self, family, friends and colleagues.

Within the family structure, several leaders exist as functional supplements and accessories.

A man is the leader of his home. He ensures every member of the family has a voice in family affairs.

As the Chief Executive Officer in his family, he attends to the needs of every home department.

His wife receives her share of attention. Each child is made to feel he/ she is daddy’s baby.

The same executive skills he demonstrates in his office is of profound necessity to protect the vulnerability of his family and defend them against intrusions.

His home is his jurisdiction which he shares with no one else.

Just as he does not condone someone else running his office department, he maintains his self-respect by preventing outsiders from directing the affairs of his home.

He accepts his dignity lies not in excessive powers over his wife, but in standing up to his fellow men and other intruders.

If the man fails to fulfill his responsibilities to his family, he fails as a leader.

A man who runs his home in absentia cannot be expected to be on seat if elected into the government house.

A man who condones the abuse of power at home or victimization in his office as ‘the way things have always been’ cannot abstain from abusing his powers as the president.

A man who violates the rights of his wife or child will not protect his nation. Rather, he will seek asylum in another country, leaving behind a country in ruins.

When he discusses presidents or governors whom he considers inefficient leaders, he actually speaks of his own deficiencies.

He himself is an inefficient leader.

The Chief Administrator is the woman of the household.

She keeps each home department in accurate, precise and complete function.

She is time and resource conscious.

Should negligence become a feature of her administration, she forfeits the right to advise leaders of her nation.

If she lacks the administrative skills to conduct her private life effectively, she is not in a position to direct the president on the mode to run a nation.

She must practise her leadership skills at home.

Should her leadership skills at home excel, her family becomes prominent in the society as the model family.

Each child receives a share of family responsibilities.

The child is protective of siblings and is recognised as a young and contributing member of the family.

The sad news is some parents train children to be irresponsible.

Other parents have a misconception of responsibility and transfer that to their children.

A home in which a disagreeing voice or expression is repressed produces a dictator as the nation’s president.

The family, friends and associates of a dictator cannot feign ignorance or astonishment at the dictatorship.

The most valuable form of leadership is of self.

A person who establishes and lives on own principles – despite immense pressures from intrusive personalities, under the pretence of culture – has demonstrated leadership skills, for the possession of principles is in itself a sign of leadership.

Each person is a leader among peers.

Leadership is not necessarily of designation – Imam, councillor, chairman – but of accountability.

Each individual who implements accountability to self and to Allah is a leader.

Leaders are accountable.

Accountable leadership commences with proper perceptions of rectitude and stabilizes with the dispensation of justice.

Every responsible and accountable individual is a leader.

Every person must be trained to be the leader.

Only when a sufficient number of individuals in the society takes responsibility for own actions can one expect the leadership in the presidency to demonstrate responsibility.

The president is a member of the society.

If he is corrupt, corrupt citizenry gave him the mandate to be corrupt.

If he lacks accountability, the society had exalted that deficiency until he reached the zenith of power.

Leadership is not the responsibility of others.

It is the responsibility of every sensible individual.

Transcedent leaders are in charge of self and exercise sensible self-discipline.

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