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Imagine being addressed by riffraffs!

Some people truly lack the capacity to mind their own business.

A couple of days ago, it was a busybody woman who could not limit her utterances to her patronage.

Perhaps, I am on offer in the business outfit, which meant the owner kept directing his clients to me!

Perhaps, I am too polite to individuals who neither value nor comprehend politeness.

This evening, it was the turn of a male riffraff.

I sat attending to my writings when the business owner interrupted that someone wants to talk to me.

“Who is the person?” I asked, surprised and expecting to hear a familiar name, not that I condone visits from friends in an unscheduled location.

Instead, a man entered and well, I do not even wish to recall his words.

Everything he said irritated me. I feel so violated, just by his addressing me!

In summary, he is interested in me! It is nauseating!

That is not all. He wants to be my friend and progress to my husband, because I wear a Niqab!

I feel sick! That is as much of the conversation I wish to recall.

I doubt I will sleep well tonight. Talk of a sour taste in my belly! My taste receptors are too numb at the moment!

Just imagine his audacity!

He likes me for the way I dress!

What falsehood!

His people indoctrinate themselves to despise the Niqab and any woman who wears it.

When they wish to enter into their game-playing mode for which they are notorious, they turn around to pretend to admire the very same things they hate.

He wants to see my face. He wants to know my home. He wants my phone number. All in one night!

Game players! Despicable game players!

I am recollecting too much.

Whatever made them delude themselves I intend to get into bed with shaytan – walking devils among men!

The contradictions and hypocrisy of these people are unbelievable!

I must not be employed because I wear a Niqab.

I must be threatened with death for wearing a Niqab.

I must be arrested for wearing a Niqab.

AlHamduliLlah, this nation is still the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Nigeria Police are regulated by the Constitution and not by Hausa-Fulani culture.

I must be harassed as a student for wearing a Niqab, in their so-called seat of the khaliphate for that matter.

In their Islamic environment, I must endure the treacherous devils in a treaty with Christians whom they used as a pawn to push their devilish agenda to prevent me from attending my medical lectures.

Ironically, those are the same Christians the world has been flooded with news of their massacre in the ‘religious’ crisis which is the hallmark of Northern Nigeria.

The part of the news shielded from the world is the ‘religious’ conflict is between masters and puppets, who after purging themselves of each other’s blood – and attacking and murdering innocent persons who do not wish to be puppets – swiftly resume their artificial alliance and proclaim Northern Nigeria a peaceful environment.

I have made my decision. If I do not charge my batteries, it will not be the end of my world.

I will not expose my world to the intrusions of empty heads and game players.

I will remain in my home, rather than risk being addressed by uncontrolled and mindless customers.


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