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The first time I observed a strand of gray hair on my head, so many thoughts influenced me:

Finally, I have officially entered the gray-haired circle.

The instant thought was: You are now an old woman!

I swiftly discarded that negative thought. Old is when one feels old.

A former close friend confirmed gray hair is not necessarily indicative of old age.

Moreover, a day before my 26th birthday, I observed a transformation of my facial features. I have been a proud old mama ever since.

Although we women, sometimes, prefer to hide our grays, gray hair is attractive.

There are several men and women who are attractive in gray.

Usama bin Laden

Kofi Annan

Bill Clinton

Shaykh Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid

Thabo Mbeki

Since my early teenage years, I find gray-haired men stunning.

Unfortunately – or fortunately – for me, most gray-haired men are married.

As lovely as the men are, there will be no sharing of my husband with any woman.

Perhaps, a young man will carry me. Tongue out at all men attractive in gray!
Barack Obama


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