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The lifestyle of one who is sincere to self is a world apart from that of one who shies away from own reality.

Sincerity to self facilitates the recognition of own emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes, and the accentuation of positive emotions and feelings over negative ones.

Sincerity is the motivation one needs to maintain a lifestyle in conformity with one’s identity and preferences, leading to a state of serenity.

A relaxed mind tends to return to purity and tranquillity no matter the strain applied to it.

A lifestyle created on purity of heart follows the same pattern; overall, it is stress-free.

One who desires a relatively melodious life chooses to be original to self and enables every path towards an original living.

Such an individual lives the way one wishes, guided by own principles and authenticated by own belief system.

A lifestyle that is pleasurable.
A lifestyle of contentment.
A lifestyle of good humour.
A lifestyle of the moment.
A lifestyle for posterity.

One who lives to own accommodation sheds the pressures of living and embraces the joys of living.

Every act is carried out with delight.

One pauses to stand before Allah in Prayer not just because Salah is compulsory, but also because one enjoys the act of Prayer.

With pleasure, one bends down to pick a harmful object off the road or pulls a child away from danger.

The act of worship melts into an act of pleasure and fulfillment. Worship ceases to be mechanical.

A lifestyle of worship becomes one of cheerfulness. That is wilful submission from one’s love of Allah.

Much has been written by the Ulema on fear of Allah and the warnings to avoid perdition and little on love of Allah and the pleasures of obedience.

Basically, fear of Allah keeps one as disciplined as love of Allah does.

While the former plays a crucial role to steer one away from self-harm, the latter appreciates the need for self-discipline.

Original living is a disciplined mode of living based on the appreciation of self, of kind and caring persons, of the beauty in creation and of the Creator of nature.

Original living facilitates avoidance of provocations and the individuals responsible for such.

Original living places priorities on compassion and compassionate persons, love and lovely persons, politeness and polite individuals.

One lives positively and surrounds self with positives.

Each time a negative thought creeps into the mind, one sincerely attempts to eliminate the thought with a pleasurably one.

One lives and enjoys living.

One dwells not on what could have been, but on what could be, taking advantage of missed aspirations to develop new, lofty and feasible interests.

One avoids comparing self to others or personal achievements to those of others, as such comparisons are confidence-destroyers, envy-accelerators, and, sometimes, an indication of arrogance.

One observes the life and achievements of others relative to self only for the purposes of friendship, humility and mentoring.

One cheers every good act done by self and others.

One is own best analyst and critic. One detects and reforms the errors in one’s perceptions and conduct.

One bears the critical mass for own lifestyle. One acknowledges the pleasures of this life are a relevant check against the stresses of life.

No small act of goodness is ignored.

One smiles at children and their playfulness, at teenagers and their exuberance and at the elderly and their agility.

One marvels at the cautiously curious child, the shy teenager and the decline in energy of the elderly.

One enjoys one’s life, creates a relaxation time with family and friends and an indulgence period for self; one must not overlook to pamper self.

One lives on principle, sets inviolable interactional expectations, and keeps an open door policy to sensible and unbiased individuals.

One looks forward to meeting the next new person who shares one’s interactional principles of mutual respect, politeness and equality.

One admires elegance and civility and loves the lover.

One shields self and loved ones from senseless and spiteful persons.

One avoids hurting others. Most significantly, one avoids hurting one’s family and friends.


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