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To get into bed with the devil, one must be a devil-lover.

One gets into an artificial alliance with one’s enemy only if one lacks principles.

Such an alliance leads to nowhere positive that is unreachable without the alliance.

Both sides in the treaty are devils in their own right.

Each party comprises only the hateful, irrational, malignant, vindictive and malicious.

Each assembly has several fixations. Atop the list is evil. Anyone who is not mentally deranged is evil.

Of course, shaytan has every right to define evil in own terms. It is understandable considering insanity is shaytan’s influence.

Whoever resists that influence must be evil in shaytan’s eyes.

Each party is a collection of rambling lunatics.

Each party screams obscenities at the other and immediately seal their gaping divergences for the sake of the treaty.

Race and ethnicity are additional obsessions. Each group is racist or tribalist to the bone. Any other race or ethnicity is held in contempt.

The obsession of immense interest is indecencies, especially x-rated obscenities. Each group must condemn such adult kinkiness.

But first, they must watch the videos, download images of scantily dressed women, store them for frequent review, upload them on social network sites and inundate the rest of us with chants against “sperm”. (Serious laughter!)

In December 2012, I had to give Muslim women a piece of my mind when I observed on Facebook someone (not on my friends’ list) had uploaded the image of a non-Muslim woman in a skirt and thick black tights for the amusement of her group of friends.

That led to the publication of the first article on sexuality.

One side in the devilish alliance is a hardcore group of Islamophobes who rant against anything Islam including perhaps the “Islam” in “Islamophobe”.

They fight for freedom of religion provided the religion is not Islam; anything but Islam, PLEASE!

The other group are a diehard group with an abhorrence for anything western, never mind that they drive around in the latest vehicles, own the most recent technological devices and publicly adorn western clothes.

Their disgust at Americans – the typical target of rage – does not strip their head of the baseball cap.

It is a case of devils in a treaty.

Nevertheless, to each side, the other is the shaytan.

Such an alliance equally occurs locally between Muslims and non-Muslims in Muslim communities where the culture of the land is opposed to Islam, even as the inhabitants insist theirs is an Islamic environment, the seat of the Khaliphate or an Islamic republic.

Twelve years ago, one group declared: If you are not with us in the fight against terrorism, you are against us.

The other group responded: We are with you in the fight against terrorism, for a price tag of three billion dollars, as incentives of course.

In recent years, the treaty has been reactivated. This time, the cry of both sides is: We unite against the man responsible for the deaths of Muslim women and children from drones!

Apparently, the Muslim women and children murdered across the border, subsequent to the three-billion dollar treaty were not Muslim enough.

Once either party realises one is not part of the artificial alliance, they reveal their true devilish form.

Islamophobes turn nasty and utter outrageous remarks against Islam, plus the customary Muslim equals terrorist motto.

The Muslim members of the alliance chant “America will be destroyed”, and to other Muslims, “Wahhabi”, “kafir”, and “infidel”. Oh dear!

My support for the incumbent President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, is meant primarily to overturn the chances of treacherous Muslims entering into another devilish treaty to bury innocent Muslims alive.

I campaigned for his re-election for that purpose and In Sha Allah, come 2016, I will remain in opposition to the devils in a treaty.


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