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Have We not relaxed your chest?
And removed from you your burden?
The one that tested your resolve?
Certainly, with every difficulty comes relief.
Certainly, with every difficulty comes relief.
Therefore, when you find relief still work hard.
And to your Rabb (Lord) turn your focus.

~> Allah in His Speech the Qur’an [1]

Those are Allah’s Words to comfort and strengthen the Messenger of Allah during the persecution he and the early Muslims faced in Mekkah at the hands of the pagan Quraish.

In my early years as a Muslim, I found solace in those Words. They were concise, cheerful and always brought succour to my heart.

Today, I return once more to those soothing Statements of Allah and appropriate them for myself.


There are a number of explanations.

However, the purpose of this writing is to present my heartfelt gratitude to Allah for the solace throughout months of persecution.

To be precise, this article is in recognition of my friends and their unrelenting support during that trying period.

Whoever fails to demonstrate gratitude to humanity is ungrateful to Allah. ~> The Messenger of Allah

I tender my pleasure to you my friends for your strength. Your strength brought you back when the furor briefly rendered you passive.

I forgive you those moments. I hope you pardon mine.

Your unrelenting perseverance and resolve against oppression and oppressive persons always brightened my moments and elevated my spirits.

You employ your intellect to make informed choices when many persons embraced the error of choice and swallowed the choices of others without question.

Good friends stand by their principles. Good friends keep their word. Good friends are unshaken by unnatural changes.

Each of you in your uniqueness collectively and individually impress and inspire me.

C.G.D darling, you remain the all-time legend.

You make observations silently. At the right moment, your voice is felt strongly. You are present.

You are one individual I rely on to take concrete behind-the-scene steps against injustice.

We share several qualities, significantly, silent resilience, insistence on redress and a disengagement with oppressors and irrational persons.

I appreciate you, my very own legend.

M.W, you are an articulate genius.

You engage and refute oppressors. With rational and unbiased reasoning, you reveal bullies as the fools they are.

Although, this often leads to an escalation, I respect your choice. I, for one, cannot have a rational discussion with irrational persons.

You turn up just in time to have oppressors wishing you were not present. We share this quality – surprise entrance, in addition to sarcastic rebuttal.

Many dislike you, yet they cannot resist discussing you. You are irresistable.

I like you. I appreciate you, my dear friend.

M.K, you are my twin.

We are identical twins of two mothers, in two continents and of two races.

You add much needed flavour and perspective to the discussion.

You do not go with the flow. You steer the tide to reflect your thoughts. You are original.

You remain the first to call me a close friend and retain our friendship. You value your own words.

I value you and your words.

There are other important friends whose consistent support I have felt: L.P, R.J, and M.G.

I appreciate each of you.

I extend my deepest appreciation to other well-meaning and thoughtful individuals, in particular, I.R. You are a warrior and a one-person army.

Certainly, with every difficulty comes relief. [1]

Every hardship is packaged with the means of ease and solution. All we need is to seek the solution.

Every anomaly has its cure. Seek it. ~> The Messenger of Allah

Finally, I welcome back with extended arms all the individuals who kept their distance, and who were not involved, directly or indirectly, in the persecution or expressions of hate against Muslims or Islam, but have since returned or wish to do so.

I am grateful to all of my friends.

I remind you, my dear friends the fight against injustice is not over. The fight has only just begun.

Therefore, when you find relief still work hard. [1]

[1] Surah Ash-Sharh (Chapter 94): 1 – 8



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