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AS-SALAFIYYUN: The Salafi Nation

AS-SALAFIYYUN - The Salafi Nation


A word on the tongue of many, Salafi is dreaded by some, respected in some places and misappropriated by many.

To those who misuse the term, Salafi is a pawn, a camouflage.

Islamophobes misconstrue the term as a renascence of Islam which they would rather reduce to mere profession – nominal Islam.

The Salafi has been in existence since the inception of Islam.

The Salafi is one whose beliefs, thoughts and behaviours are identical to those of our Salaf (Pious Predecessors) who lived in the early centuries of Islam.

All of our noble Ulema are Salafis. All the Ulema worthy of respect are Salafis. All the Ulema I respect are Salafis.

The Ulema have not wavered in their responsibilities as the inheritors of the Prophets. Their loyalty lies in Allah and His Messenger.

As Salafi is a term that links one to the pioneers of Islam, it has come to signify the practice of Islam.

The danger is that anyone who wishes to be seen as practising Islam simply describes self as a Salafi. Many are doing just that.

Salafi has become a prestigious club of sorts, the membership of which is eagerly sought by many, most of whom are ill-qualified.

The club of Salafi can be categorised into two: the Salafis and the imbeciles.

The latter group is further divided into the imbecilic lunatics and the irredeemably lunatics.

Salafi is, thus, an ascription of necessity to indicate belonging even when one is a psycho.

The distinguishing feature that reveals the Salafi in the crowd of psychos is the treatment of women.

The latter, actually, believe and freely vocalise “Every woman is a shaytan (devil)”; every woman minus their mother, which leads to my favourite question – Is their mother a donkey?

My akada (readers) will be familiar by now the average Muslim woman promotes this negative perception of womanhood.

Infact, they latch onto a woman is a nuisance rule as their first-class ticket to Jannah; hopeless women who cannot get to Jannah without “male” oppression.

The Salafi perception of a woman can be summarized thus:

If every woman is a shaytan, my mother must be the chief of the shayateen.

As I cannot and must not deliver the “You are a shaytan” good news to my mother, I must not convey same to any other woman.

If my mother truly is a shaytan, why must I not deliver the glad tiding to her?

My mother is a woman and certainly is not a shaytan and neither is any other woman.

We independent and proud Muslim women owe our confidence to the protection granted us by Allah and His Messenger and continued by the Salafis.

Salafi is not a mere nomenclature or designation. It is Islam. Islam is the perfection of a positive attitude. Salafi is that attitude.

A long time ago in a discussion, I mentioned the term Sunni.

Someone pointed out the term is used by non-Muslims, the acceptable Muslim word being Ahl us-Sunnah [1].

I was silent. The term I call myself is Muslim, I mulled.

Shortly after, Salafi became the preferred appendage. Still, my response was the same.

Several years later, someone noted my conduct was similar to that of the Salafis and wondered why I did not frequently attend their gatherings.

I must have shrugged without uttering a word.

I am far too independent to be drawn to club-ish events.

I call myself only what Allah called me – a Muslim.

Yet, I raise no objection to others who name themselves Salafi, so long as they are the real Salafis.

Salafi remains a respectful attitude and not a club.

[1] Ahl us-Sunnah: The people of SunnahAS-SALAFIYYUN - The Salafi Nation


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