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CLASH OF RIGHTS: The Society of Justice

In continuation from the first part of Clash Of Rights, we explore The Society Of Justice, modelled on the foundations of the Muslim Ummah.

The society of justice has its origins in the Ummah of Muslims in the lifetime of the Messenger of Allah and the eras of the Four Rightly Guided Khaliphs – Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali.

The society of justice thrives to this day in pockets of communities where the practice of Islam is raised above the contaminations of oppressive cultures.

The common DNA-like cord of the society of justice throughout the centuries is the respect of the rights of the individual.

The individual is corporal, integral, protected and supreme. The society is secondary.

Muslims established and consolidated the society of justice on the integrity and significance of every individual Muslim.

Each individual is educated to play a positive role and contribute to the good of the society.

The weak are treated with leniency and the poor provided with employment or enriched from welfare – Zakah and Sadaqah.

A child is kissed and granted the innocence of childhood. A wife is a playmate and a companion.

A girl child is an adored blessing and a boy child a welcomed addition.

A husband is brotherly and a parent a trusted friend.

The rich are reliable community promoters and the oppressor restrained from oppression.

The individual is not lost in the complexities of society. The individual is the most crucial structure in the society.

The individual is a representation of society. The individual can be the society.

The importance of the individual is illustrated as a cell, tissue or organ in the human anatomy.

When one organ aches, the whole body is in agony. ~> The Messenger of Allah

That ailing component is treated gently with medications and du’a to eradicate the disease, so the organ resumes normal function.

That hurting tissue is not treated harshly or ignored. More of the disease that caused the illness are not added to the tissue, for the body will hurt further.

Do not cause harm to others. Do not allow others to hurt you. ~> The Messenger of Allah

In the society of justice, no individual is hurt. No individual deserves to be hurt.

Umar, once, took an oath to execute an entire community if the latter was found guilty of complicity in the murder of an individual Muslim.

The individual is superior to the society.

In the society of justice, individuals are rational and considerate.

A woman may decline her husband’s sexual advances if she is uncomfortable. A man appreciates his wife’s role in bedroom matters.

A man accepts a king is too powerful to tarnish his powers with unnecessary instructions. The husband is relaxed as king.

A girl child has own identity and esteem. She moulds her personality after either or both parents.

Her questions concerning her body, physiological changes and intimacy are entertained and attended sincerely.

A boy child is a custodian of secrets, respectful and curious.

A parent as the adult in parent-child relationship is just to all biological children.

A parent recognises children do not always want their actions and path in life carved by parents.

In the society of justice, every individual has the right to a fair hearing.

A child can lodge a legal complaint against a parent. A sensible child chooses which parent gains custody.

It will be a relief if the Ulema would revisit the Hadeeth prohibiting the execution of a parent for the murder of a child.

That is one Hadeeth flagrantly trampled by abusive parents in many communities, of note those notorious for dishonour murders.

Perhaps, the Ulema could add a clause, a condition, an exception, an extension to the Hadeeth, or a strict sentence from life imprisonment to death depending on circumstance.

Granted, few in such communities will pay heed to the clause or defend the rights of the child. However, the rest of us will sleep better.

A woman reserves the freedom to conduct her affairs without harassment to obtain her guardian’s approval.

A woman can commence legal proceedings against anyone who obstructs her actions.

The oppressed seeks redress.

The icing is the society lacks the jurisdiction or legal backing to intimidate the plaintiff into dropping charges.CLASH OF RIGHTS - The Society Of Justice

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