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CLASH OF RIGHTS: Personal Versus Society

To the average Muslim, an individual has no rights. Rights and freedoms are western and meant for western-inclined persons.

Should the individual in the slightest imagination possess any rights, the society reserves the right to invalidate such personal rights.

The only persons with rights recognised by the society are in a position to oppress others.

To possess rights, one must be in a position of authority: a parent over a child, a husband over a wife, a mother over a son’s wife, a bitter person over a harmless individual, etc.

Recipients of injustice must shut up, cooperate with their oppressors, and most importantly, make self available for oppression.

One dares not extricate self from oppressive persons, or one has deprived the latter of the right to oppress, and will surely – yes you guessed it – go to hell.

Only in the society of imbeciles does authority have the right to oppress.

This right to oppress is welcomed, as Islam accepts culture, even though oppression is forbidden in Islam!

The society of imbeciles has replaced:

Help the oppressor and the oppressed. Help the oppressor by preventing from committing oppression. ~> The Messenger of Allah

with, help the oppressor against the oppressed.

It is astonishing many of those who demonstrate indignation against the predominance of rights and freedoms of individual Muslims over the society have memorized a great portion of the Qur’an and Ahadeeth.

Do they not find in the Qur’an and Ahadeeth the inviolable rights of the individual Muslim?

In other words, the rights of the individual is not subject to the approval of them and their society of imbeciles.

Allah in the Qur’an and the Messenger of Allah in his Sunnah outlined and emphasised innumerable rights of the individual.

Much of those personal rights are intrinsic to the individual. Examples include: the right to life, dignity, property, safety, peace of mind, privacy, and interaction.

Those are concrete rights. Other individual rights are abstract.

For instance, a Muslim has the right to

a) Thought, on condition one does not implement that thought, if negative.

b) Expression, provided the expression is beneficial and does not violate the rights of another person.

c) Informed Choice, even if that choice is not popular in the society.

A Muslim has rights binding on other individuals, such as sincerity, kindness, care and compassion.

These rights are founded on the premise that one must extend desires and wishes for self to others.

No right thinking individual desires harm, cruelty, and neglect for self and will refrain from inflicting or wishing same on others.

The average contemporary Muslim has very many qualities. Right thinking is not one of them.

The average contemporary Muslim must abstain from projecting wishes for self on others.

One must treat others the way Allah and His Messenger instructed others be treated and not the way one wishes to be treated if one were in their situation.

If one lives on pretence, one must be honest to others and promote honesty.

If one does not mind mistreatment, one must be kind to others and encourage the kind treatment of others.

If one’s notion of a perfect life is marked by neglect, one must allocate one’s positive emotions and quality time to one’s spouse and children and encourage same in others.

A number of the individual rights of a Muslim are rights the society must fulfill.

The right to burial is among the rights of an individual over the society, regardless of the circumstances of death.

The only time a person’s freedoms and rights are nullified is if one engages in certain acts against Allah’s Law, the Sharee’ah.

One’s right to life is suspended if one is guilty of murder, adultery, rape or homosexuality.

One’s right to movement is waived if one is guilty of an offence punishable by the discretionary penalty of imprisonment.

NOTE: These penalties are part of the justice system to be implemented only by the state.

No dishonour murders! No murder of wife or former wife! No imprisonment of wife, daughter, or daughter-in-law in the toilet!

The above are approved as culture by the society of imbeciles.

Another anti-Islam punishment is the gang rape of a woman for being single. Why should she remain single and deprive her husband of the right to rape her?

To end this work, when the Ulema refer to performing acts for the good of the society, they intend the society built on justice, for Islam is justice.

Enjoy your Jumu’ah!


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