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ATTENTION! Muslim Youths!

Subsequent to the Boston bombings, I pondered over the state of our youths.

What is going on in the heads of my beloved Muslim brothers and sisters?

It is obvious there is a yearning for answers and for proper direction.

Yes, the majority of our youths are the so-called peaceful everyday individuals.

The majority are also incapable of thought. This life is too temporary for one to spend one’s precious time thinking.

Now, that is some definition of peaceful – zero cognitive stimulation.

The majority are incompetent at problem-solving. With the exception of Palestine, why solve problems here on earth when one is going to Jannah?

How Muslims intend to rectify the situation in Palestine without the possession of a thought potential is perplexing.

In any case, it is much better to have problems overwhelm one, so one proves one loves Allah.

There, is another interesting definition of peaceful – a problem magnet! Yes!

Our youths are educated and encouraged that way: learn, repeat and harass others, and no thinking – very mechanical.

One belongs to the Mechanized Division Jannah Peace-ory!

If that is how one wishes to conduct one’s existence, that is barely acceptable – minus the harassment of others, which is unacceptable – on an individual level.

On a societal level, learn and repeat is a disaster – the intellectual stagnation of the Ummah.

With all the noise made in support of coercions “for the good of the society”, one is amazed few have comprehended the detrimental cost of learn and repeat to the good of the society.

One cost is the inability of some imams to present meaningful alternatives, yes solutions – though solutions is somewhat a taboo term – to the demands and questions of our youths.

One problem our youths, and the rest of us old mamas and papas, would want solved is the war in Muslim lands.

Yes, some imams respond to that with:

The United States and her allies are fighting terrorism.

Splendid! Of course, one capable of thought will question why the one fighting terrorism is not a terrorist!

Why am I laughing so much writing this article?

One problem I would want to avoid is a lovers’ quarrel with my heartthrob who happens to be the President of the United States! Talk of love in strange places!

Continuing, they are fighting for freedom.

Really, freedom? Freedom from what?

To recapitulate: Even the staunchest opponents among Muslims of individual freedoms become lovers of freedoms for the duration of their artificial alliance with Islamophobes.

This hypocrisy is not lost on our youths with an analytical mind.

It is unfortunate that the quest for viable solutions to problems affecting the Ummah leaves some young members of the Ummah without proper guidance, headed in the wrong direction and open to the invitations of error lying in ambush.

Our youths need leaders, Imams endowed with thought. Imams who do not just voice what Islamophobes expect of them.

Imams who are able to steer the sinking and battered ship of war with one mission – to save every traveller.

To our youths:

Solve problems. Do not create problems.

Commence with problems in your life, for your personal life is a reflection on your desires for the Ummah.

Do not pay attention to anyone who says personal problems need no human solutions.

With profound dexterity at avoiding and removing obstacles in your personal life, you will become more relaxed and less agitated, more positive and less negative and more of an asset than a liability to the Ummah.

One skill you will develop in the process is a refinement of your cognitive potentials, until you arrive at the lofty stage where you are fully competent to restrain your emotions.

At this stage, you will be intellectually well-equipped to engage and crush, though not the United States and her collection of invading allies, but the most repugnant of Islamophobes.

That is the solution you seek, delivered to you by your noble self and which shines a positive beam on Islam, the protection of which you equally seek.

That is the most feasible and personal solution to the problem of wars in Muslim lands. An individual can achieve that.

An individual achieves nothing positive by stabbing a lone soldier or blowing up civilians, only to be shot and arrested.

Your imprisonment or death does not end the wars. Rather, the number of Muslims who desire a solution to those wars are only decreased, as if we are not few enough.

You, our youths are dear to me.

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