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Islam is a spiritual affiliation between one and one’s Creator Allah through the confirmed channel.

Increased religiosity and spirituality produce a pronounced state of self-awareness and self-appreciation.

Self-awareness constantly refines one’s beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours to a degree that pleases one and pleases Allah – self-appreciation.

There are those whose perceptions of rectitude are attached to the behaviours of others.

Someone else is wrong. Someone else must change. Someone else must be compelled to change.

Although one is under obligation to promote goodness and discourage vice in the society, one arrives in Jannah through one’s deeds rather than through the actions of others.

One who has own destructive sins should spend more time on the path to self-rectification.

One who desires good for self sees errors in self first and internalises a positive inclination towards self-reformation.

If one’s sense of rectitude is in negativity, why is one miserable?

If negativity and misery earn one Allah’s Pleasure, why is one not pleased that Allah is pleased with one’s attitude?

If negativity in the creation produces positivity in the Creator, there must be a reflective positivity in the creation for a job well done.

Unfortunately, those who insist misery and negativity are a prerequisite for Jannah – hence for Allah’s Pleasure, as Jannah is an emblem of Allah’s Pleasure – are increased only in misery.

Misery in the creation does not produce Pleasure in the Creator.

Yet, many persons are obstinate that misery earns Allah’s Pleasure. The result is depression, which is common among Muslims, diagnosed or not.

Is Jannah the residence of the mentally ill?

What if one were to waltze to Jannah, so to speak?

Is that an indication one is more concerned with this world than the Hereafter? Better, is insanity and mental decay signs one is more concerned with the next life than with the present?

Is the insistence on happiness a sign one is not tested by Allah? Is misery a sign of Allah’s Test?

Is the expectation of sincerity of commitment a sign one does not love Allah? Is neglect and irresponsibility signs of one’s love of Allah?

Is problem-solving a demonstration of a lack of trust and Faith in Allah? Is redundancy a mark of those who trust in Allah?

Is propriety in judgment, choice and decision a manifestation of an attempt to flee from Qadar (Pre-Destination)? Is deliberate error in judgment, choice and decision a requirement for belief in Qadar?

Qadar in human action is just that – human action. Smile, and one fulfills Qadar. Frown, one fulfills Qadar.

Qadar, Faith, trust, test and belief are not in hindrance of human actions, though they may restrict human ability to perform needed and unneeded actions.

An unnecessary act and a blunder is to impose one’s perceptions on others under the pretext of da’wah, for da’wah is an invitation to Allah, whereas one invites to one’s way of life.

Another person’s way of life need not conform to one’s dos and do-nots, provided the former’s life is founded in the Sharee’ah.

One’s lack of understanding for the action of another individual is not reason to imagine the latter yearns for the unthinkable.

If one shrinks at the impossible, one may be dismayed to discover there are others who live prosperously on the impossible.

If one is concerned at the ease with which sin is committed in contemporary times, one must comprehend the distinguishing feature of perceptions of rectitude between our era and that of our Salaf (Pious Predecessors).

The perceptions of rectitude demonstrated by the Salaf rested on the proven path to Allah’s Pleasure.

Pleasure in the creation implies Pleasure in Allah which implies more pleasure in the creation.

Only when one seeks to rectify one’s perceptions of virtue can one be of any meaningful service to others.



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