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Eyes closed.
Optical nerves gradually resign.
Conscious mind retires.

In the recesses of one’s mind, another life commences.

A life of thoughts and vivid imaginations.
A life of comfort, affection, and accomplishments.
A life unfolded in another residence.

The palaces of dreams.

Should one’s journey into the cities of imaginations be interrupted, one is hurt, as the pleasures of the dream world promptly translates to the drudgery of reality.

Wakefulness, however, does not mark the cessation of dreams.

Dreams that occur in the wakeful state specify one’s aspirations.

An aspiration is the key without which one’s motivation to living is not activated nor driven.

Aspirations are personal. Keep it personal. One must not be what someone else expects one to be.

One must not be what someone else is. Remain true to own principles. Be original.

Emulate others. Learn from others. Add own thoughts and style to produce own flavour.

Be unique, even if it means being different. Acknowledge own uniqueness.

One is already different for being born with own distinctive markers – deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Be proud of that difference. Accentuate the difference.

Live the reality of the dream. Possess both the dream and its reality. Map the personal paths through which the dream and reality may become one.

In the course of working towards the realisation of aspirations, one frequently encounters obstacles.

Leap across the obstacle. Flow parallel to the obstacle until a breach is reached where one is able to proceed with the fulfillment of the dream.

Know that obstacles are a test of one’s resolve to attain one’s dream.

Be free to modify a dream in line with one’s reality. Remember, the dream is personal and is dynamic to one’s inclinations.

Dreams of the conscious and subconscious types sustain one’s hopes and expectations for the future.

Hope enables purpose of living. One must have dreams to remain alive, physically, socially, psychologically, and intellectually.

Intellectually, dreams stimulate the cognitive processes, as one attempts to determine the potential path(s) through which one’s dream can be made part of one’s reality.

The best dream begins with a step. Take that physical and daunting step forward to make life better and more pleasant.

A dream is delightful. This is the psychological level of dreams. One yearns for one’s dreams.

Socially, a dream is enabled with the best of companions.

If friends are a hindrance, one needs to regulate one’s circle of companions.

Conduct an audit of the lists of friends. Strike out those who are not of the future. Bring in new friends.

With the world human population in billions, there is no shortage of friends for one’s dream, unless one traps self in the cycle of redundancy.

Unnecessary discouragements from family and friends dent one’s confidence, and hence, one’s capacity to live one’s reality of dreams.

One may be unable to modify who constitutes one’s family; one can adjust one’s relationship with family to reduce any harmful effects.

One must develop the skills and courage to manage and maintain familial relations and move on with the implementation of dreams.

There is no end to dreams unless one curtails one’s ambitions.

Should one dream become unattainable, temporarily pause its implementation and explore other interests.

Never underestimate the potential of a talent transforming into a full and rewarding career.

The more passion one demonstrates concerning one’s unique talent, the more willing one is to delve into that talent as either a temporary or permanent career.

Often, a talent one would not have considered a career dream expands into an accomplished career.

Do not shut in talents. Demonstrate them. Love them. Enjoy loving them.

Never disdain the idea of a friend becoming a lover, for who is a lover if not a dear friend?

Yes, personally, I have always ruled out an intimate liaison with any man I regard as a friend.

Yet, if it be that such a friend possesses intimate qualities I desire in the lover of my dream, I should not hesitate to take the relationship to a warmer level.

Interests and talents of today do provide glimpses of dreams of tomorrow.


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